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  • Your Corporate VPN Is Not Your Friend

    Your corporate VPN is being used against you. Dark spiders hide on the web, listening for the unique digital thrumming of a user logging onto the corporate VPN. This digital signature tells them that you’re a remote worker and that someone values company data enough to protect it with a leaky tunnel. So, they wait for you to turn it off and watch Netflix or check your email—then they strike and quietly infect your device with venom. You don’t even know they’re there until you turn the corporate VPN back on and the malware knows it’s time to deploy. And at that point it’s too late.


  • Improving UCaaS With Purpose-Built SD-WAN

    Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is changing the way that companies connect to the world. It’s also changing how they have to think about their Internet connectivity. Every UCaaS application has its own performance requirements, and those requirements are often at odds with broadband Internet connections that constantly suffer from performance issues and outages. This can lead to UCaaS application performance problems, like dropped calls, choppy voice and video, and echoing, that frustrate users and reduce productivity.

  • Building An Optimized Network

    Modern VoIP and video communication tools have become the foundation of today’s business operations. Since user performance expectations for these applications are high and problems often surface in real time, they can unfortunately also be effective network diagnostic tools—revealing internet performance issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

  • The No Sweat Guide To Managing Network Switches

    How to optimize the gateway to IT services.

  • Synthetic Backup Vs. Full Backup

    The Schrödinger’s backup is such a backup, that was not yet tested for a recovery. Having a full backup is essential for making sure you can recover everything, especially if you have a widespread system failure, compromised data, or even an employee error that leads to loss of a substantial part of your information. While traditional full backup methods used to be the only option for having a complete copy of your data, synthetic full backup is providing a new alternative.

  • Securing Users And Devices Across All Stages Of A Malware Attack

    Educating users is an undeniably effective way to protect them from phishing and other malware, but it takes much more than that to stop attacks. There are many risks to networks that user education can’t reduce—from malicious sites mistakenly categorized as benign to watering-hole attacks that infect trusted sites. To combat these challenges, businesses need well-designed antimalware that protects across a variety of attack vectors and infection stages. That’s where multi-vector protection comes in.

  • 10 Reasons MSP Success Relies Upon Multi-Vector Security Solutions

    “With 7.5 million new malware variants introduced each month,” organizations need to prepare for an all-out war on cyberattacks. Cyber threats are attacking users from multiple angles—or “vectors.” And what’s worse, their attacks can hit in multiple stages. As an MSP, you must leverage solutions that keep users and devices infectionfree across all endpoints. Unfortunately, two-thirds of MSPs are short on qualified IT professionals who can help them ramp up their security offerings. Thankfully, Webroot multi- vector protection can help.


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