• 5 Reasons Why Risk Assessments Should Be A Consistent Part Of Your Operational Strategy

    As your business evolves, the factors that pose security risks are everchanging—which means your defense strategy can rapidly become outdated and ineffective. Risk assessments provide a snapshot of the internal and external factors that threaten your business—and your customers—at a given point in time. Since risk factors are volatile, managed service providers (MSPs) need to perform security risk assessments on a regular basis to stay on top of threats as they emerge or evolve.

  • The Math Behind Successful As-A-Service: Understanding And Calculating Churn

    Sometimes referred to as attrition or turnover, churn is your number of customers at the beginning of a period minus your number of customers at the end. It calculates the overall difference but excludes any new sales over that period. Customer churn can include cancellations, non-renewals, or customers switching to another provider.

  • Optimize Your Tech Stack To Achieve Unprecedented Success In 2020

    With 2020 on the horizon, it’s time to prepare in every way possible to set your business up for success in the coming year. And in today’s world, driving improvement at scale is all about leveraging the best technology available—whether that means refining, updating, or completely revamping your technology stack.

  • Enhancing Network Security Through Visibility

    As a technology services provider (TSP), your customers have put their trust in you–the expert– when it comes to managing and securing their network. And considering the increasing rise of B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications as the critical driver in business, the network is integral in the day-to-day life of your customers’ businesses.

  • Foresight Is 2020: Predictions For The Coming Year

    January brings with it new hope and new energy, but before you chart a course for the year, it’s always good to see which way the winds are blowing.


  • Why An Agile Workforce Is Critical In 2020

    As business executives approach a new decade, they must harness the potential of the non-employee workforce, leverage new and innovative talent acquisition models, and utilize progressive technology platforms to facilitate scalability across all enterprise functions. This research report will highlight the criticality of workforce agility in the evolving world of work and present recommendations and guidance on how to best tap into the power of digital staffing platforms and talent marketplaces to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Settings Hourly Rates For Field Service Technicians

    Average field service hourly rates vary by location and type of work for countless reasons, which creates a headache when setting hourly pay rates. An hour of audio- visual work may have an average pay of $100 in New York City. However, that same job could have an average pay of $50 in Minneapolis. It is important to balance fair pay rates with your budget and preferred quality-outcomes. Many service companies are surprised to find how much labor rates vary by metro area based on population density, cost of living, the availability of skilled labor, and other compounding factors. 

  • IT Industry Outlook 2020

    It's time for the industry to take the next step. There are tremendous benefits available through technology for both business and society, but there are major questions around safety, privacy, sustainability, and trust. The answers to these questions come from combining technical expertise with social awareness. By embracing responsibility for all the changes innovation can bring, the tech industry can be responsible for driving future progress.


  • Taylor Business Group

    Taylor Business Group is an executive coaching and peer group firm that focuses on IT Solution Providers and Copier Dealers. Founded in 2001, Taylor has brought efficiencies and higher profits to IT Solution Providers through a focused effort in delivering best practices to the Service Provider and Copier Dealer's service, sales and administrative functions.

  • Stellar Cyber

    Stellar Cyber’s Starlight is the world’s first open detection/response (Open-XDR) platform, connecting the dots throughout the entire security infrastructure and automatically responding to attacks wherever they occur. Starlight integrates dozens of security applications from an App Store and presents results in an intuitive dashboard to supercharge analyst productivity.

  • Bocada

    Bocada LLC, a global IT Automation leader, delivers backup reporting and monitoring solutions that give global MSPs and enterprise IT departments complete visibility into their backup performance. Bocada provides insight into complex backup environments, enabling IT organizations to save time, automate ongoing reporting activities, and reduce costs. With the largest installed customer base in the Fortune 500, Bocada is the world’s leading provider of backup reporting automation. 

  • The ASCII Group

    The ASCII Group is a vibrant community of independent MSPs, VARS and solution providers in North America. The organization offers members leveraged purchasing programs, education and training, knowledge sharing among peers, discounts on business services, and more. Founded in 1984 by Alan Weinberger, ASCII is the oldest and largest group of independent IT solution providers, integrators and VARS in the world.

  • CompTIA

    CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.

  • Field Nation

    Field Nation brings companies and service professionals together to do great work. By connecting technicians to organizations in one easy-to-use platform and mobile app, Field Nation solves a critical challenge all service leaders worry about: accessing skilled labor. Unlike traditional job boards and labor platforms, Field Nation is built specifically for quick-turn, onsite service work. Businesses can build their flexible workforce for any skill, scout potential workers in every postal code, and organize go-to service crews fast. Tech professionals can search for work that fits their schedule, build their reputation and get paid within days of project completion. Our mission is to match every contractor with the right job, and connect every service team to professionals who care as much about the work as they do.




VoIP is the backbone of modern voice and unified communications, and it presents a host of service sales opportunities for purveyors of the managed services model. Navigating into VoIP from general computing, however, can be a daunting journey. We’ve compiled some of our most directive content on the subject in this free collection of articles.

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  • Lockdown Lessons 3: Closing Security Gaps

    We can all agree: it’s the nature of technology to advance. Cybercrime is no exception to this rule, and neither are the tools we use to stop attacks. But you’d be surprised how much a business can accomplish in terms of their own security simply by keeping existing systems up to date and using technology to their best advantage. For instance, just staying on top of patches and disabling unnecessary services that may be on by default can go a long way toward closing security gaps.

  • Do You Need Certification To Be An MSSP?

    There’s no blanket diploma program or global agency regulating who is and isn’t an MSSP. What may be a shocking disadvantage to the consumer when it comes to vetting service providers, is a definite benefit to those looking to capitalize on this growing opportunity. If you’re looking to designate yourself as an MSSP, the barrier for entry is at the floor.

  • Lockdown Lessons 2: Shoring Up Your Network

    Ultimately, every business wants to do what they can to best serve their clients and customers. They also want to grow successfully, increase profits, and create lasting relationships for long-term recurring revenue. But in today’s cyber- climate, if you don’t have a good security setup, the chances you’ll get breached get higher every day. That means all the customers who trust you will have their confidence shaken—no matter how good your products or services are.

  • Times Have Changed And We All Need To Start Thinking About Security And Compliance

    Many companies diligently pursue achieving compliance and believe that their information systems are secure. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. Just making certain that compliance initiatives are in place does not guarantee an optimum security posture. The face and tactics of cybercriminals evolve daily creating an environment requiring continuous monitoring. A safe assumption is… cybercriminals will breach every company, and the question is “how quickly can you stop it?”.

  • Lockdown Lessons 1: Securing Your Business

    When you consider modern attacks, it’s pretty obvious that all businesses—managed service providers (MSPs), small- to medium- sized businesses (SMBs), etc.—need a strong lineup of cyber-defense tools, not just a barebones firewall and old-fashioned antivirus. You need to protect your business first, and to do that, you have to build out a strong cybersecurity stack that can actually withstand the onslaught of modern malware.