Managed Services

  • Making Co-Managed IT Work

    An increasing number of MSPs are finding themselves getting into the co-managed space. The economic rationale is fairly straightforward – the opportunity is growing. Consider this: technology is increasingly complex, good tech talent is hard to find, and businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Put those three trends together and the demand for IT is increasing, and to the point where even larger SMBs – more on the medium end of that – are finding it difficult to handle everything in house. Enter the managed service provider.


  • MSP Simplifies Audits And Cuts Onboarding Time By 50% With Actionable Alerts

    5th Gear Technology Concepts’ President Glenn Porter takes a proactive approach to his company, always on the lookout for ways to take his MSP to the next level. Though he had heard of Roar previously and found the concept interesting, he was hesitant to sign on for another tool at the time. It wasn’t until one fateful day when he went digging through countless tickets and documentation looking for an answer to a client’s question and, frustrated he couldn’t find it, finally decided it was time to give Liongard’s automated documentation tool a try.

  • 2020 Global MSP Benchmark Report: A Pre And Post COVID Analysis

    The IT Glue 2020 Global Benchmark Report is likely going to be one of the most interesting Benchmark Reports we ever publish, because quite frankly we are living in the most interesting of times. Never before have we felt this combination of fear, opportunity, overwork, underwork, survival mode and profound optimism that we can come out of this with the world a better place.

  • MSP Utilizes The Roar Timeline To Prove Value To Their Customers And Save The $13K/Month Relationship

    Doberman Technologies has provided managed services to small business in Lansing, Michigan since 2005 with an emphasis on healthcare. As such, healthcare providers currently make up 75% of Doberman's 60 managed customers. A team of 11 employees manage 2000 devices with a commitment to support the local community and its growth. Their mission is to help their clients achieve their goals through the Doberman team.

  • MSP Saves $75k With Liongard

    Established in 2001, ES Consulting takes a holistic approach to serving its customers and helping them grow. This includes extensive industry expertise, adherence to best practices, and investing in its infrastructure to automate for greater efficiency. The nationally renowned MSP has been featured on Inc.’s lists of Best Workplaces and Top 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies, and has become a mainstay on Channel Futures’ MSP 501 annual list of top managed service providers in the world.

  • Building A World Class Customer Journey

    Managed Service Providers Reveal Their Best Practices For People, Processes And Automation.

  • The Definitive Guide To Sales: How MSPs Build Outperforming Sales Teams

    Owners of early stage MSPs often wait too long before hiring a sales team, resultng in stalled growth or a stressed-tothe-limit CEO. To get serious about growth, MSPs have to become laserfocused on improving their sales and building a performance sales team. 


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