• Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service: How To Improve Client IT Security And Your Profits At The Same Time

    This whitepaper was developed to serve as a blueprint to help MSPs create, sell, and deliver a profitable portfolio of vulnerability management services – a suite of offerings that are scaled and priced to meet the needs of every client, regardless of how small or how large.

  • 7 Secrets To Winning New Clients With IT Assessments

    Winning New Clients Is Just the Beginning! Clients are the lifeblood of your business. Without clients, there is no business. That’s why it is critical to maintain a healthy pipeline of new clients coming in through the door, and why it is essential to do the right things to retain, strengthen and grow the client relationships you already have.

  • Easy Ways To Dominate The Security-as-a-Service Game

    Cybercrime is expected to cost companies $6 TRILLION worldwide by 2021. This presents managed service providers (MSPs) with a huge opportunity to build monthly recurring revenue by delivering comprehensive security solutions designed to thwart these attacks. Among those at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable. In fact, 43% of all data breaches target SMBs.

  • The Retail Tech Tsunami: Why Your IT Service Business Isn’t Ready And How You Can Gain An Edge

    The retail industry is in the middle of a massive shift in how consumers buy, and as a result, service providers will see an unprecedented amount of work in the next 12 to 24 months. This would normally be welcome news, until you consider the current labor shortage and extraordinary inflation pushing costs and wages sky-high. To help service providers better plan for what work is coming, and where, and when, Field Nation partnered with IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm specializing in customized intelligence for retailers and retail technology vendors, to produce this actionable report on how to capitalize on the current wave of work.

  • The Future Of Field Service Staffing

    Leveraging on-site talent platforms to effectively manage the on-demand workforce.

  • New Field Service Opportunities Drive MSPs To Rethink Their Workforce

    We are living through a unique period of opportunity for leaders in field service. Shifting consumer expectations are spurring investments in technology across industries. Companies are digitally transforming, which means they will need skilled technicians to complete install, move, add, and change (IMAC) projects at thousands of retail locations across the country.

  • Why A Labor Backlog Was Inevitable, And How A Blended Workforce Can Fix It

    As COVID-19 upended every aspect of daily life, organizations had to choose whether to 1) lay off employees in response to decreased demand or 2) hold on to those employees in an effort to “ride out” the pandemic – thereby absorbing the resulting impact to their bottom line.

  • On-Demand Labor: The Secret To Service Profitability

    IT field service organizations are at a crossroads. Costs continue to go up and margins are harder than ever to maintain – yet service leaders are expected to deliver quality outcomes at a price that’s competitive but also profitable. There is a path forward, and it’s one savvy service leaders have leveraged to slash labor costs, boost efficiency, and protect profitability.

  • CMMC Still A Big Opportunity Despite Delays And Challenges

    Right from the beginning, it seemed everyone was overly optimistic about how fast the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) could be rolled out across the defense industry to ensure the requirements could be included in all defense contracts starting in 2025. So, what could possibly go wrong? As it turned out, a lot of things.

  • 6 Ways That M365 Backup Can Make You A Hero To Your Customers, And How The Built-In M365 Retention Can Fail Them

    During the last few years, there has seen a significant increase in the business dependency on Microsoft 365, with the product quickly becoming the leading standard. Microsoft 365 was formerly known as Office 365.

  • White Hat MSP: Why Backup Is No Longer A Generalist’s Game

    There was a time when most IT functions could be overseen by a technology generalist, including the now critical task of backing up data. And why not? It was a fairly simple procedure back then. Every night, you’d just backup to tape, retain a copy or two for 30 days, send another offsite for permanent storage – done.

  • Incident Response Planning For MSPs

    Every second matters for MSPs when responding to a security-related incident. Why?  The stakes are high for service providers since even a minor security slip up has a ripple effect on your clients. The negative impact of a lengthy or incomplete incident response (IR) will be massive on the MSP business and stakeholders.   

  • 2021 State Of Ransomware Survey Report

    Unitrends MSP surveyed more than 200 IT professionals from various managed service providers worldwide to understand the current and future landscape of ransomware and how it impacts MSPs and clients.

  • How To Manage Multiple Office365 Tenants With M365 Lighthouse

    If you’re an MSP, there’s a big change coming in how you manage your client’s Office 365 tenants and Microsoft 365 tenants. Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, now in public preview, is a new way to manage multiple client’s users and devices in a single pane of glass. This article will show you how to set up the preview, how to make sure your clients appear and how to manage settings and policies across all of them. There’s a companion video to this article, with demos of the setup and use of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse on our YouTube channel, or simply watch it below.


  • IT Glue

    Save Time, Free Your Mind

    Grow your business with the world’s leading IT documentation software. Serving the top-performing MSPs around the globe with over 150,000 users in 50+ countries daily, and dozens of productivity and innovation awards to boot — we’ll put you on the forefront of documentation management.

  • Carbonite Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

    Disaster recovery for critical systems with low tolerance for downtime.

  • Field Nation Marketplace

    The #1 Active Marketplace

    Our Marketplace is full of skilled service providers searching for work every day. Each day thousands of service providers log in to search and request available work in their area. Meanwhile, 3,000 work orders are posted every day across the country.

  • BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

    Accurate, next-generation, real-time protection against phishing attacks.

  • Webroot DNS Protection

    The first DNS protection service to truly combine privacy and security for cyber resilience.

  • Webroot Security Awareness Training

    Improve Cyber Resilience to Minimize Security Incidents and Unforeseen Costs

  • Carbonite Backup For Microsoft 365

    Why it’s necessary to back up Microsoft collaboration tools.

  • Carbonite Migrate

    For simple and seamless hardware upgrades, virtualization, switching hypervisors, and moving to, from and between clouds.