Backup & Recovery/Business Continuity

  • 7 Ways To Encourage Clients To Add A Backup Solution

    Resilience is vital when it comes to disaster recovery. However, many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) find themselves ill equipped to bounce back from catastrophic setbacks. FEMA found that “40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster.” What’s more, the Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses report predicts that 55 percent of SMBs will become the victims of cyberattacks this year.


  • Automating Backup: Opportunities & Best Practices

    You already know that backing up your organization’s data isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. The external threats alone warrant this. You could be one of the 50% of all organizations operating a data center that can’t withstand, or is unable to operate after, a natural disaster. Or, you could be one of the 39% of global organizations that experienced a ransomware attack in recent months.

  • Saving Six Hours Per Day With Backup Automation

    HCL is a global technology company with deep expertise and business in a number of industries globally, including rich business offerings in financial services. During one client engagement, the HCL Technologies backup and storage team was assigned to a national bank’s backup environment, performing daily backup performance reviews to isolate failures. The team also was responsible for generating a monthly report to demonstrate adherence to their 99% backup success SLA goal.

  • MSP Backup Reporting Automation Optimization

    Helping customers navigate complex backup environments while reducing their costs gives you a chance to offer real customer value. By offering proactive and automated backup reporting for operations, management oversight and audits, MSPs can elevate their standing in the eyes of enterprise organizations. Data stays safe, sound and compliant. You delight, retain, and grow major accounts.

  • How's That Backup Working For You?

    It can happen in an instant for any number of reasons, ransomware, theft, hardware failure, even a natural disaster, and poof—your data and access to it is gone.

  • The Complete Guide To Online Backup

    Have you lost your way reselling cloud backup services? This guide is for you. For every MSP, offering Backup as a Service is a guarantee for success. It helps build strong relationships with clients, Increase customer retention and make sustainable revenue. This guide contains marketing, sales and technical information to build a perfect Backup as a Service offer.

  • Online Backup Active Protection: Fighting Back Against Ransomware

    In early 2018, there were 542 identified ransomware families. That number is still growing! Do not wait for ransomware to get in the door, protect your systems and data now. Online Backup Active Protection is the only solution that fights back against ransomware instantly.


Gain control over your backup storage environment. Proliferating backups and management tools can make life complicated for storage professionals. Bocada brings it all together to make your life easier. Clear and simple storage reporting, storage utilization alerting, and predictive storage analytics makes it easy to stay on top of backup storage trends, eliminate fire drills, and minimize budget overruns.

Simplify backup audits. When backup audits and chargeback reporting is needed, does your team have to scramble for the right information? Automate performance and usage reporting with Bocada and relax. With a single, independent view of backup and storage metrics, data is managed holistically—and you can prove it.

Rule your backups! As data volumes increase, so does backup complexity—especially with a mix of cloud and on-premises multi-tenant infrastructures. Bocada automatically unifies all your backup data into a single console for total visibility and control, saving you time and money.