Backup & Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Backup As A Service (BaaS) Billing Models

    As the go-to backup monitoring and reporting automation tool for enterprise MSP backup as a service (BaaS) teams, we’re on the frontlines of seeing how MSPs struggle to create streamlined billing when faced with very different backup hardware and software that each approach reporting differently. This is further compounded by the challenge of developing billing models that actually reflect their service and delivery costs.


  • MSP Backup Reporting Automation Optimization

    Helping customers navigate complex backup environments while reducing their costs gives you a chance to offer real customer value. By offering proactive and automated backup reporting for operations, management oversight and audits, MSPs can elevate their standing in the eyes of enterprise organizations. Data stays safe, sound and compliant. You delight, retain, and grow major accounts.

  • How's That Backup Working For You?

    It can happen in an instant for any number of reasons, ransomware, theft, hardware failure, even a natural disaster, and poof—your data and access to it is gone.

  • The Complete Guide To Online Backup

    Have you lost your way reselling cloud backup services? This guide is for you. For every MSP, offering Backup as a Service is a guarantee for success. It helps build strong relationships with clients, Increase customer retention and make sustainable revenue. This guide contains marketing, sales and technical information to build a perfect Backup as a Service offer.

  • Online Backup Active Protection: Fighting Back Against Ransomware

    In early 2018, there were 542 identified ransomware families. That number is still growing! Do not wait for ransomware to get in the door, protect your systems and data now. Online Backup Active Protection is the only solution that fights back against ransomware instantly.

  • Raising The Bar For Reliability

    When a system goes down, getting that system back up and running quickly is the goal of every managed service provider (MSP). All too often however, a backup will fail, causing the MSP to lose confidence in the backup and recovery process. Lack of consistency in backup performance means MSPs have to do more work to keep customers in operation. MSPs need to know that their backups are in good standing so they can be the hero for their customers.

  • MSP Marketing: Mastering Technology Is Not Enough

    To run a successful IT company, you should pay specific attention to your marketing strategy and the means of attracting new leads to your business. In this article, we will review the main marketing spheres in which every MSP should be engaged.