Case Study

SD-WAN In Action: How One MSP Improved Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

Source: Bigleaf Networks

The Cloud has fundamentally changed how SMB and mid-sized enterprises think about their internet connection. Internet continuity is now a critical component to daily operations, employee productivity and customer experience. Yet these businesses still suffer daily frustrations like dropped VoIP calls, grainy video conferencing and unresponsive applications— all caused by underperforming internet connectivity.

MSPs who manage IT for these businesses need to be able to address these frustrations with something more than a “we’ll let you know what the ISP says” response. MSPs need a way to leverage redundancy and intelligent software to provide their customers with the internet continuity and application experience that they expect. But how do you ensure that continuity and experience without the pitfalls that have made traditional networking solutions so unappealing?

The answer according to one MSP is “Start the conversation now.”

We sat down with Eric Gray, the founder of Portland-area MSP Convergence Networks to learn how his team has used Bigleaf’s Cloud-first SD-WAN to start a better conversation around internet connectivity — making internet continuity a reality for his customers.