Feature Articles

  1. 5 Steps To Encourage Existing Customers To Buy New Products

    Building strong business relationships with customers is key to selling additional product offerings. Think of a relationship mindset as the foundation and these five steps as the walls and roof that transform it into something built to last.

  2. How To Effectively Close And Follow Up On A Sale

    Many sales professionals make the mistake of placing too much importance on the actual close of the sale itself. Closing should be a natural and logical progression after properly qualifying the prospect and covering the different alternatives the prospect must weigh in making their buying decision.

  3. Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Par3.IT

    In this SPOTLIGHT ON CLIENT SUCCESS, Par3.IT Managing Partner Fred Alonzi shares how his company is driving the success of its clients.

  4. Closing The IT Skills Gap: A Bridge (Not) Too Far

    Bridging the gap between legacy and modern-day skillsets is more attainable than you might think. But first, your organization must be willing to embrace a culture of change.

  5. Why Cyberattacks On MSPs Are On The Rise (And What To Do About It)

    MSPs, among their peers, have begun to whisper about the increased vulnerability they face. The hackers have come for them.

  6. Be A Resource, Not A Burden

    Some businesses try to generate media coverage by bombarding journalists with news unrelated to the stories being covered. The better approach is to present yourself as a resource.

  7. Overcoming Sales Objections

    Overcoming objections is the fifth step of the Seven-Step Sales Process and usually takes place after the presentation of the proposed services, proposal, and cost savings analysis; although the process for overcoming objections should be executed by the sales professional any time an objection is presented.

  8. Why Isn’t Cloud Saving Me Money? Hint: Your Hurdles Are Organizational

    The main reason companies delay and/or avoid confronting issues related to cloud cost optimization is because it’s incredibly complex. Challenges range from cloud sprawl to misaligned priorities. Understanding these challenges before you begin is essential to success.

  9. Is Your MSP A Fraud?

    Our clients are under the constant threat of cyber-attacks with so many vectors it seems like an insurmountable task to keep them safe. It's time for a heart to heart ... maybe even an intervention.

  10. Conducting The Sales Presentation

    The sales presentation is the fourth step of the Seven-Step Sales Process. This step focuses on the presentation of the technology solution to the potential prospect and usually occurs during the second visit with the prospect.