Feature Articles

  1. Don’t Leave Client Employees Phishing Without Backup: Introduce A Layered Security Strategy

    It’s time to admit it: the bad guys who draft up phishing emails to capture login information or deliver payloads of malware are getting pretty darn crafty. In fact, it’s to the point now where even paranoid experts like yours truly can be close to peril without the right tools and a holistic security strategy in place. I’ve recently been the target of increasingly clever email attacks that I’ll share – including one of them almost got me.

  2. Enabling SMB Partners To Capture The MSP Cloud Opportunity

    The industry is at the brink of transformation, where the channel has the opportunity to become purveyors not just of technology and hardware solutions, but of ongoing service delivery and expertise that can be leveraged for the long haul as annuity-based revenue. Many a savvy channel partner has an eye toward capturing the cloud market opportunity, hoping to take advantage of cloud solutions that can help them reduce costs and add scale to their businesses—especially in the SMB sector, where a good percentage of solutions providers are still ramping up to this model.

  3. How Global Enterprise Cloud Communications Unlocks A New Frontier For MSPs

    Breaking misconceptions of cloud communications and why MSPs can be at the forefront of the global cloud revolution.

  4. Where Managed Services Is Now And What The Future Holds

    It’s no great secret that the managed services industry is evolving at breakneck speed. What was once somewhat of a sidekick to the VAR community has firmly taken center stage in the channel. And MSP life has changed considerably over the last decade.

  5. 4 Wi-Fi Planning & Deployment Best Practices Every MSP Can Swear By

    By every definition, it was a wireless access point (WAP) upgrade that had seemingly checked every box of thoughtful preparation. Fancy Wi-Fi heat maps, an in-depth proposal, and well-paid consultants. After deliberation by top brass, the district-wide upgrade was greenlit. Three large high school district properties serving thousands of students and staff were assured by consultants that their daily Wi-Fi issues were about to become a thing of the past.

  6. Taking A More Structured Approach To Microsoft Teams Migration

    As many IT professionals have found, there is considerable opportunity around migrating instances of Microsoft Teams. And yet, despite this growing opportunity, many challenges exist with migrating Teams tenants.

  7. Invest In Your Staff Now Or Pay The Price Later

    Small business owners must continuously invest in their staff, if they don't want to keep losing them? But if I train my staff I will have to pay them more … Unfortunately, this is how I used to think 20 years ago. I have, since then, definitively changed my outlook but, unfortunately, I know that other small business owners still think the same way, and this is why I have written this piece in the hope to change, or at least challenge, this belief.

  8. 3 Tips On Building Your Security Plan

    Once a risk assessment is done, we have a pretty large to-do list of things that need remediation. Not the least of which is our security plan, which will outline our protections, policies & procedures, how we will conduct ourselves during an incident or breach, and who is on our response team. Part of a security plan also can include steps needing to be remediated.

  9. The Truth Behind The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation

    Overinflated promises of ROI have businesses scrambling to implement an automation strategy. Here’s how your organization can reap realistic benefits from automation.

  10. 10 Tips for Adding Security And Compliance To Your Services Stack

    Managing data privacy and protection, storage and transfer — as well as compliance with state, federal and international laws and guidelines — is too complex for clients of all sizes to manage internally. It's natural that they look to their IT partners to help them solve this issue. It's your opportunity to be ready with a plan when they do. Even better, bring the solution to them before they even start searching. Here’s how.