Feature Articles

  1. Why You Need To Be Speaking With CPAs About Their Cybersecurity

    It’s May … a month has passed since tax season ended and CPAs are returning from vacation. On their dockets are items they put off because they had to focus on taxes — including IT. And this year cybersecurity should be on their minds.

  2. Build Long-Term Relationships, Not Contact Lists

    It may take a while to establish relationships with journalists in your space, so be ready to commit, but in the end, all your hard work is eventually going to pay off. If you’re unsure of where to begin, there several strategies to consider.

  3. How To Price And Package MSP Security Services

    As an operationally mature MSP, you should be pricing your basic support services on a per seat basis with project work, DR, backup, etc. as add-on pricing modules that complement the recurring support you deliver to your clients.

  4. Reader Spotlight: Steve Diaz, Optiva IT, LLC

    In this Reader Spotlight, Optiva IT, LLC Steve Diaz shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel. 

  5. Reader Spotlight: Randy Funk, Galaxy CCRO, Inc & Frontera Equity Growth Advisors, LLC

    In this Reader Spotlight, Galaxy CCRO, Inc, Inc & Frontera Equity Growth Advisors, LLC Randy Funk shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.

  6. Reader Spotlight: Chris Chirgwin, Lanspeed

    In this Reader Spotlight, Lanspeed CEO Chris Chirgwin shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.

  7. Building Your Security Stack

    The sun never sets on the threat landscape. And this is highly asymmetric warfare; you must provide 360 degrees of protection but attackers need find only that one degree of weakness.

  8. MSPs: It’s Time To Embrace The Cloud

    It’s only a matter of time before cloud-based infrastructure will surpass on-premises infrastructure in terms of both spending and footprint. MSPs which aren’t moving aggressively toward the cloud now will be in a tough position for survival in a couple of years.

  9. After Distributing A Press Release, There’s Still More To Do

    Too often misleading or confusing press releases are sent to the media, not only upsetting reporters but increasing the likelihood of you being blacklisted from their inboxes. To prevent this from happening to you, plan accordingly.

  10. Becoming Logically – One MSP’s 20-Year Journey To The Future

    While more and more business systems and technologies are now affordable to SMBs, access is limited by a shortage of skilled experts to design, implement, and manage them. Moreover, since the range of underlying technologies has become so broad, no one person has all the skills needed. How can organizations access the required skills?