Feature Articles

  1. Why MSPs Must Deliver Results-Oriented Value Props To Avoid Becoming A Commodities Dealer

    Clients are coming to view the solutions we MSPs deliver as simple commodities. The day is soon coming when MSPs that aren’t delivering either the cheapest or the best tools are very likely to lose commodity-minded customers to whoever is.

  2. Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Mission

    In this SPOTLIGHT ON CLIENT SUCCESS, Mission’s Chief Operating Officer — Service Delivery Phaedra Divras shares how her company is driving the success of its clients.

  3. Women’s Equality Day: Reflecting On What We’ve Accomplished And Where We’re Going

    In honor of National Women’s Equality Day, we spoke to several women in the tech industry to learn how they’re working to level the playing field and breaking the glass ceiling.

  4. Disaster-Proofing Businesses: Lessons Learned From The Eye Of Sandy

    As MSPs, we’re constantly preaching the need for data backup, business continuity plans, and preparation for any and all “what if” scenarios. But inevitably there will be customers who fail to take things seriously until it’s too late.

  5. 6 Keys To Succeeding In Managed Services

    In order to thrive in today’s business environment, IT solutions providers must deliver the best possible service to their clients. To build a successful MSP business, you need to create a systematic plan that outlines specific steps ranging from understanding your target market to implementing essential automation.

  6. How Do I Get To The Cloud?

    Getting customers to the cloud can be a journey fraught with questions, concerns and challenges. However, it also can be a calm, structured process that offers your customer insight into every detail of the journey, while also helping them to understand how the cloud will work for their business and what the impact of a cloud transition will be, both short- and long-term.

  7. 5 Automation Trends Impacting The FinTech Industry Right Now

    Automation helps with repetitive procedures and simplifies complicated tasks. It increases accuracy and safety measures, while minimizing human error. Expectations indicate that the FinTech industry will extend its tech integration significantly over the next four years.

  8. Why The PaaS Journey Is Getting Stickier

    MSPs and other cloud partners are playing a growing role in this next phase of cloud.

  9. Breaking Into New Markets Through Acquisitions

    To address the needs of our customer and achieve our industry leadership goals, Logically is selectively acquiring regional MSPs across the US.

  10. Will Master IT Service Providers Continue Being Masters?

    After experiencing Master Service Providers firsthand as the COO with a very successful Managed IT Security and Services Firm, I wanted to share some thoughts regarding how I see the future of these providers.