Feature Articles

  1. The VoIP Mistake You Don’t Know You Are Making

    Our job is to help other businesses plan for and recover from disruptive events and we all know the importance of backing up data, backing up systems, documentation, and how a proper data continuity plan can prevent a business from bleeding money and losing time. However, do we all know the importance of voice continuity planning? I’d argue most of us don’t.

  2. Reader Spotlight: Caleb Driscoll, Froogal

    In this Reader Spotlight, Froogal founder and president Caleb Driscoll shares a little about himself, Froogal, and the state of the channel.

  3. Bringing The HVAC Industry Into The 21st Century

    In the continuing wake following the Target breach that occurred well over seven years ago, the industry responsible for that massive credit card breach is still dragging behind when it comes to even basic cyber security. So, what can we, as MSPs do to help this industry?

  4. 3 Tips For MSPs To Attract — And Keep — More Accounts

    Having trouble differentiating your MSP from your competitors? These three simple tips will help you attract new clients and keep more accounts.

  5. Why MSPs Are The Newest Targets Of Ransomware

    Malware producers have come to realize their efforts can generate even higher profits by targeting computers that are directly connected to multiple, attractive victims of an encrypting ransomware attack. These unwilling “connectors” are the MSPs who, in turn, are responsible for a wide range of small- to midsized businesses (SMBs) and their computer networks.

  6. Why MSPs Will Live Or Die By Their Service And Support

    Why MSPs must put customer experience at the center in the ecosystem economy.

  7. VoIP Partnering Opportunities: How To Find One That Fits Your Organization Best

    Hosted VoIP platforms try to be “one size fit all” but, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Partnering with the wrong hosted provide and prove to be fatal to both your existing and future clients.

  8. How To Handle Your Auto Payments So You Don’t Wind Up In Court

    For businesses without large accounts payable departments, auto renewals can be a great time saver. However, if not handled correctly, auto-renewals can wind up costing your clients money in unused services or get them in trouble with collections.

  9. Continuous Compliance: Continuous Iteration

    Achieving audit compliance within your IT ecosystem can be an iterative process, and it doesn’t have to be compressed into the five days before the audit is due. Following is a four-step process I use to guide clients through the process of preparing for and successfully completing IT audits.

  10. Tips For Choosing A VoIP Solution

    Whether you are looking for a new Voice over IP (VoIP) system for a client or for use at your own business, there are several things you should consider before even glancing at the PBX features list.