Feature Articles

  1. Improve Your Managed Services Delivery By Fixing Your Alignment

    Have you ever considered what you are truly selling when you are offering a managed services product? From the perspective of most of our clients, it’s not what you think.

  2. 4 Ways Business Owners Can Stay Strong When Things Get Rough

    When trying to save your struggling business success comes from love, not blame.

  3. Data Migration: What To Know Before You Go

    Planning and assessments can go a long way toward ensuring an efficient migration project.

  4. Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Quebecom

    In this SPOTLIGHT ON CLIENT SUCCESS, Quebecom network & systems administrator Alexandre Grenier shares how his company is driving the success of its clients.

  5. So, You Want To Start An MSP

    Over the last year or so I've noticed a sharp increase in the number of questions being posted to MSP forums that relate to starting an MSP or moving from a break-fix model to an MSP model. This is to be expected as the model becomes more well known and more entrepreneurs start MSPs, but some of the questions that are posted send a chill down my spine.

  6. as-a-Service — The Primary Driver Behind Channel 2.0

    As we look to 2019, channel partners will need to continue to enhance their service offerings as new technologies emerge and as business systems transform. While there are sure to be a number of factors that will drive new channel services and solutions, we can expect the following four to prompt the most significant changes to solutions providers and MSPs.

  7. How MSPs Can Protect Clients From Ever-More Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks

    In another nod to the mainstream software industry, attackers can now enlist Ransomware-as-a-Service providers to utilize effective malware with no need to develop or manage it themselves. Yep, upstanding security MSPs now have an evil twin, so to speak: While your MSP business seeks to provide clients with better protections, there are criminal managed service providers offering criminal clients better attacks.

  8. 5 Cloud Trends MSPs Need To Be Considering

    By thinking about trends — such as growing hybrid cloud strategies or the need for better data governance — MSPs and IT professionals can be better prepared for the future and more effective as they forecast revenue, consider new service offerings, or even how to improve customer satisfaction rates.

  9. Playing The Long Game

    Known as the horse capital of the world, Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky and is the proud home of the Kentucky bourbon trail. It’s also where technology experts Software Information Systems’ (SIS) roots were firmly planted with the goal of supporting their customers with the skills and tools to embrace the rapid technology evolution. SIS CEO and Executive Vice President of Sales, Steve and Pat Sigg — also father and son, take a nostalgic look back at the last 30+ years and explain why the company’s transition to an MSP business model was the biggest challenge they’ve faced.

  10. Exploring A Company-Funded Buyout

    In this final article of the series, I will outline one of the more difficult solutions to selling your business. This solution is not for everyone. It takes patience, trust, and most of all, cash. There is, however, a bit of flexibility in this solution.