Feature Articles

  1. Leaving User Experience To Vendors? Big Mistake.

    As VAR and MSP sales and marketing organizations catch the buyer persona buzz, are client personas and user experiences being overlooked?

  2. The Benefits of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

    It’s that time of year again; reviewing contracts and sweating over the fact of having to notify clients about pricing changes. Why do we get so concerned? Other industries have no issues with raising prices — think of the increases we have come to know on a yearly basis including electric, cable, water, and property taxes to name just a few. However, our increases usually come with improvement of our services yet we still worry about customer’s reactions. Luckily, I have some good news: It’s time to stop worrying because there are more benefits than downsides of warning our clients about price increases.

  3. Is Payment Security A Commodity Now?

    The PCI Security Standards Council’s announcement of plans to strategically drive its QIR (Qualified Integrators and Resellers) program deeper into the SMB retail market is by most counts a positive thing for the industry. For the greater good of data security, it’s hard to muster a qualm about moves like these. It’s a little easier to be annoyed by these changes if you’ve been going out of your way to differentiate your business via a payment security consultancy. 

  4. How To Profit Off Security System Upgrades

    Many SMBs don’t see the financial benefit of investing in security systems. If you are a VAR or MSP, this is a challenge you face on a daily basis. There are many reasons why SMBs should be upgrading their security systems, the trick is in knowing how to convey this to SMB owners.


    Fortunately, there are several ways to demonstrate the benefits and cost savings of integrating security cameras with access control systems. Following are five arguments you can use to convince SMB owners it’s time to upgrade.

  5. 7 Tips For Hiring And Firing Employees While Minimizing Legal Liabilities

    Hiring an employee is exciting — it’s an opportunity for both employer and prospective employee to develop a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship. However, when done incorrectly, hiring can create liability. To avoid turning a potentially promising encounter into a problematic one, VARs and MSPs need to adhere to a few best practices.

  6. VARs & MSPs: Just Say ‘No’ To Bad Customers

    When James Laszko founded Mythos Technology in 2010 he likely didn’t expect he’d be able to afford to fire the lowest performing 20 percent of his customers in 2018. But that’s exactly what he has set out to do this year. You can read more about his customer rightsizing initiative in the May 2018 issue of Channel Executive magazine. In the meantime, there is another side to the Mythos story: how to find the customers who are the right fit so they won’t end up on the chopping block a few years down the road.

  7. TSP Sales Growth Starts With Ownership

    Douglass Miller is the CEO of Straightedge Technologies. Like many MSPs, he was frustrated with his sales results. He had very few net new clients and sales to existing clients was uneven. In two-three years, he has doubled the size of his MSP; attracting one net new MRR client a month and growing his sales to existing clients by 3-4X. What changed? Douglass did.

  8. How Thought Leadership Drives VAR, MSP Sales

    Operating as a VAR or MSP is inherently unique, bringing with it an unconventional set of challenges. One of those challenges is positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. Elizabeth Harr, an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive who heads the technology services team at Hinge, took time to speak with The Business Solutions Network about how to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry and positively impact your company’s growth.

  9. Is Apple Ready For The Channel?

    Seven historically valid reasons for VARs and MSPs to ignore Apple, and seven counterpoints on why that might be a mistake today.

  10. Is There ROI On AI For VARs And MSPs?

    CafeX VP of Data Analytics Allan McGowan makes the financial case for "pragmatic AI" as a first opportunity for resellers, dealers, and integrators to leverage AI as part of their offering — especially in the contact center and telecom space.