Managed Services Supplier Insights

  1. Security Services Fueling Growth For MSPs

    As the threat landscape continues to grow, regulatory requirements multiply, and CEOs and executive boards become more aware of the business impact of security incidents, most organizations are feeling an urgency to strengthen their cybersecurity efforts. This increased awareness is especially visible in small and midsized businesses (SMBs) that have traditionally underestimated the impact of cybersecurity threats to their organizations. Even so, SMBs are still failing to fully recognize and appreciate the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that are targeting their organizations. 

  2. The Clarity Security Vendor Report

    The Channel Futures MSP 501 is the most comprehensive, independent Managed Services Provider (MSP) survey conducted annually. Only the top 501 applicants make the list, based off the data gathered through submitting survey questions and certified accounting information through a financial professional or QuickBooks. MSPs from around the globe are motivated to respond to the survey for their chance to be on the MSP 501 list as it is seen as the best mechanism to benchmark their organizational progress against other leading providers with real numbers. 

  3. 2019 Webroot Threat Report

    Agile isn’t just a watchword for software development. It has also found its way into the world of cybercrime. In 2018, we saw numerous instances of agility and innovation as bad actors evolved their approaches, combined attack vectors, and incorporated more artificial intelligence to wreak havoc. While traditional attack approaches are still going strong, new threats emerge every day, and new vectors are being tried and tested.

  4. The Ultimate Guide To The World's Best MSPs

    You can’t read three sentences about the channel nowadays without encountering “fast-changing,” “rapid evolution” or some other such term referring to the whirlwind pace of change happening in the sector. As oft-used as these phrases are, they aren’t over-used. The indirect IT sales channel is, in fact, growing, changing and evolving at a rapid clip, and there’s no point in sight when it might slow down.

  5. RMM Solutions Helps MSP Get the Most From Its IT Complete Infrastructure Investment

    “Since the formation of CMI, we have used Kaseya as the basis of our remote monitoring and management (RMM) capability. Knowing Kaseya is the market leading supplier of RMM solutions made it our first choice and from here our relationship has grown to incorporate the full range of Kaseya IT Complete products over almost 10 years. During this time, we have seen operational efficiencies improve by more than 20 per cent and we now manage more than 5,000 endpoints,” says Ken Roulston, managing director at CMI. Founded in 2009, CMI is one of the UK’s leading IT service providers, delivering a wide range of services including infrastructure design, implementation and support.

  6. Leading MSP Dataprise Makes 'Automation Magic' With VSA By Kaseya

    With the help of VSA, this Washington, D.C. based service provider takes automation to the next level to create new service offerings and expand business in the enterprise market.

  7. How One MSP Uses Automation To Scale And Deliver Exceptional Service

    eGuard Tech Services was growing, and needed an RMM solution that would allow them to scale their processes as they added new clients.

  8. The Wipro Breach: A Demonstration Of Third-Party And Supply Chain Risk

    Advanced phishing and supply chain vulnerabilities - these seem to be the successful attack vectors that hackers have used to compromise Wipro, an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services. Notable security researcher, Brian Krebs, reports confirmation that a nation-state actor had been inside the company’s systems for months, identifying opportunities to attack its vast customer base – currently, at least a dozen of the firm’s clients have been targeted as a direct result of this breach. Additional sources have claimed that Wipro’s corporate e-mail system had also been compromised for some time, forcing the company to build out a new private system.

  9. You’ve Been Breached: Now What?

    It can happen to anyone – you’ve taken steps to limit your exposure to a cyber incident. You’ve purchased and implemented top-of-the-line IT solutions. You’ve carefully thought about security best practices and strived to adhere to them. But somehow, you’ve just become the latest victim of a data breach. It might have been discretely packaged ransomware hidden in a seemingly innocent application file. Perhaps it was the result of poor password management. Maybe your employees were duped by a convincing phishing e-mail. But at this point, the only question racing through your mind is, “What do I do next?”

  10. MSPs: Strategic Security Role In Major Industries

    Cybercriminals are attacking MSPs as a way to get access to their customer base. MSPs are also increasingly involved in supporting supply chains of major industries where the weakest link will be targeted. They need to understand the transactional nature of the market as well as any special regulatory or compliance issues. At the same time, MSPs are being called upon to support customers’ IT staff with tools such as Dark Web monitoring, which looks at the various layers and interlinked businesses within a client’s network. Backed with a solid understanding of the special threats in a particular industry, the MSP can be in a strong position as a strategic advisor.