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  • MSP Owners: If You Were Hit By A Bus, Would Your Business Survive?

    The difference between being the owner of a business or being self employed is at the end of the day when you consider exiting or selling your business, how does the business transition without you? As you grow your IT business, the way you make operational decisions to increase the equity of your business is very important. It will determine if you have established your MSP as a lifestyle business or a scalable enterprise.


  • MSP Guide To Vertical Market Success: Spotlight On Healthcare

    By specializing in vertical markets, managed service providers (MSPs) gain new opportunities to build industry expertise that helps differentiate their business from the competition. Acquiring valuable knowledge about the systems and processes of a particular type of business enables MSPs to transition from generalists to market experts and add greater value to clients in specific sectors. As an MSP, this added value sets you apart from competitors and leads to new business, profits, and stronger client relationships.

  • Seven Ways The Channel Can Capitalize On Windows 10 Migration

    Windows 10 presents an immediate and long-term opportunity for solution providers who are uniquely qualified to help organizations navigate the confusing path Microsoft has created for its latest OS migration. Even as Microsoft has said support for the beloved Windows 7 essentially ends January 2020, the popular OS still commands 49 percent market share compared to 26.8 percent for Windows 10.

  • IT Admins Give Their Take On The State Of Endpoint Security

    In a recent survey, conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of VIPRE, IT administrators chimed in on a plethora of topics surrounding endpoint security. Here’s a look at some of the standout numbers from The VIPRE Report.

  • Partner's Guide To Fighting Ransomware

    Hundreds of thousands of ransomware attacks take place every single day. Everyone is a target. No one is immune.

  • The Changing Requirements For A Life-Critical Wireless Network

    Today’s CIO or IT manager is faced with providing a secure wireless network that will support all the different mobility requirements in the healthcare industry. This is not easy because the healthcare WLAN ecosystem is the most complex of any vertical market space. In the healthcare area this includes data, voice and video, and now, WLAN-enabled medical devices of all kinds.


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