Article | August 30, 2018

MSP Guide To Vertical Market Success: Spotlight On Healthcare

Source: Avast Business
Thriving In Value-Based Healthcare: A Guide For Cardiovascular Device Manufacturers

By specializing in vertical markets, managed service providers (MSPs) gain new opportunities to build industry expertise that helps differentiate their business from the competition. Acquiring valuable knowledge about the systems and processes of a particular type of business enables MSPs to transition from generalists to market experts and add greater value to clients in specific sectors. As an MSP, this added value sets you apart from competitors and leads to new business, profits, and stronger client relationships.

When identifying a potential vertical to target, the healthcare industry may already be on your radar. This vertical has specific IT and security challenges that can create new opportunities for your business. Servicing the healthcare market requires a critical focus on continually keeping technology systems up and running, maintaining compliance standards, and protecting valuable personal data. MSPs must be able to not only demonstrate their specialized industry knowledge, but respond with very proactive and comprehensive service to ensure healthcare clients can provide urgent, quality care.

In this white paper, you will learn more about the technology needs of the healthcare market, why this sector is an attractive market for IT products and services, and how best to enter the market successfully and deliver services that add value for your clients and your business.