VoIP/Unified Communications/Cloud Communications Featured Editorial

  1. Why Cyberattacks On MSPs Are On The Rise (And What To Do About It)

    MSPs, among their peers, have begun to whisper about the increased vulnerability they face. The hackers have come for them.

  2. Why Isn’t Cloud Saving Me Money? Hint: Your Hurdles Are Organizational

    The main reason companies delay and/or avoid confronting issues related to cloud cost optimization is because it’s incredibly complex. Challenges range from cloud sprawl to misaligned priorities. Understanding these challenges before you begin is essential to success.

  3. The VoIP Mistake You Don’t Know You Are Making

    Our job is to help other businesses plan for and recover from disruptive events and we all know the importance of backing up data, backing up systems, documentation, and how a proper data continuity plan can prevent a business from bleeding money and losing time. However, do we all know the importance of voice continuity planning? I’d argue most of us don’t.

  4. VoIP Partnering Opportunities: How To Find One That Fits Your Organization Best

    Hosted VoIP platforms try to be “one size fit all” but, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Partnering with the wrong hosted provide and prove to be fatal to both your existing and future clients.

  5. Tips For Choosing A VoIP Solution

    Whether you are looking for a new Voice over IP (VoIP) system for a client or for use at your own business, there are several things you should consider before even glancing at the PBX features list.

  6. How To Survive VoIP Troubleshooting

    All technologies experience occasional problems, but your preparation and choice of the right VoIP service provider will pay consistent dividends by reducing down time and business interruption.

  7. 3 Paths To VoIP For MSPs

    Our company started offering VoIP initially as an add-on service to our current clients but quickly discovered there was more to it than simply setting up the client’s account and plugging in the phones.

  8. How Communication Service Providers Can Remain Competitive In The Era Of XaaS

    Today’s customers expect speed, customized experience and flexibility, driving more communications service providers (CSPs) to use cloud-based models to meet these demands.

  9. MSP Owners: If You Were Hit By A Bus, Would Your Business Survive?

    The difference between being the owner of a business or being self employed is at the end of the day when you consider exiting or selling your business, how does the business transition without you? As you grow your IT business, the way you make operational decisions to increase the equity of your business is very important. It will determine if you have established your MSP as a lifestyle business or a scalable enterprise.

  10. Convergence Is King – Tips For VARs & MSPs On Integrated Voice Technology

    Having just returned from a major IT conference and trade show, I am reminded of the “early days” when IT and telecom were completely separate worlds. This event was riddled with what might have previously been categorized as telecom companies. It seems to me that the best way to capture the essence of the industry and the players that populate this space is to consider them “technology” companies.