Feature Articles

  1. The RMM Shortfall And What Should Be Done About It

    RMM tools aren’t broken. Implementation processes are.

  2. The 3 Commandments Of Cybersecurity

    Listening to various industry pundits lately, one might think that cybersecurity is going to be the next big thing to hit the industry. Don’t listen to them. They’re wrong. It’s not the next big thing — it’s the current big thing. It doesn’t get any bigger. It’s here, right now, and whether you like it or not, you’re in the cybersecurity business.

  3. The 3 Greatest Digital Marketing Challenges For Tech Resellers In 2019

    The Channel Institute polled more than 200 channel marketing leaders worldwide to learn the difference between success and failure for technology resellers in 2019.

  4. Marketing Automation For IT Service Providers

    BJ Havlik’s career has given him a senior management perspective on virtually every facet of the IT services industry. From client side to services side, from Fortune 500 to SMB, he’s just about seen it all. Here, he shares lessons learned as a client-side IT buyer with multimillion dollar budgets and how those lessons have shaped his persuasions as president and CEO at Green Bay, WI-area MSP, ITSM, and security provider SRC Technologies.

  5. How To Prepare For An IT Service Sales Hire

    After spending time with leading MSPs from around the world, one story comes to the forefront with respect to sales: “I hired a salesperson and after so much time I had to let them go for not performing.” That “so much time” varied greatly from six months to several years, but the consistency of the story is concerning. As we dug into the root of the problem, we saw a trend: These salespeople weren’t prepared to start. To be successful in your journey, there are 4½ things you should think about before hiring a salesperson.

  6. Implications Of Enterprise Cloud Communications And Digital Transformation Trends On Channel Executives

    As digital transformation efforts plow full speed ahead, enterprises are looking to evolve their communication services to meet customer expectations around exceedingly integrated, customized, yet simplified engagement. According to a recent Nemertes report, digitization and automation efforts are being prioritized to “improve internal workflows and collaboration, as well as deliver new digital customer engagement experiences.”

  7. Build Your Presence With Vendors

    Channel sales strategist and coach Dede Haas is founder of DLH Services, which helps technology vendors and partners create innovative, successful channel sales solutions and programs. This month, Haas discusses the rationale used when choosing vendor partners with two members of The ASCII Group, a 1,300-member organization of North American VARs, solutions providers, and MSPs offering services to help its members grow their businesses.

  8. Jay McBain’s Top 5 Channel Trends For 2019

    Jay McBain is a prognosticator, but he never takes a flyer. The rightfully well-known principal analyst for Global Channels at Forrester is a counter, a chronicler, a statistician, and a scientist. He leverages a weeds-deep, fact-based analysis of the past and present to prepare channel partners for the future. There’s no one I’d more confidently ask for some 2019 predictions, and there’s no one happier and more confident to offer them up. Here, McBain reflects on 2018 and offers up his thoughts on the year ahead.

  9. 12 Steps To The Perfect MSP Prospecting Event

    Managed Sales Pros has built a fast-growing business on telephone prospecting and the planning and execution of prospecting events for channel companies. Here, prospecting guru Carrie Simpson shares 12 tips to getting the most value out of your next prospecting event.

  10. Backup And Disaster Recovery Bring Big Opportunity To CSPs With Cybersecurity Offerings

    Cloud service providers are on tap and ready to help companies stay ahead of cybersecurity threats, which is one of the biggest growth opportunities for 2019. Following are key areas to consider as you launch your growth strategy and prepare for the year ahead.