News | July 31, 2020

Upcoming Webinar: Are Your Cybersecurity And Compliance Measures "Remote-Work Ready"?

Source: Rubica

AUGUST, 6 - 11:00 AM PT | 1 HOUR

Your organization has set up security and privacy controls that were effective when employees worked out of your physical offices. But when all employees are conducting business from home, it is necessary to reexamine how you’re protecting the networks and devices employees use to conduct business. For instance, are your employees accessing sensitive data via unsecured wifi networks? Are they using personal devices to do work?

Established security standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 require that organizations re-assess risks on a regular basis and implement reasonable security measures to mitigate the risks that can lead to a data breach. Even if your business was compliant at the start of the year, you may be out of compliance now with most staff working from home.


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In this webinar, we will address the key security risks associated with remote work and BYOD environments, new security gaps organizations may now have, and how your organization can be continuously secured and compliant in the new environment without having to do more work.

Key concepts covered:

  • Emerging security risks prompted by shift to remote work
  • Systems that may be now be insecure and out of compliance
  • How to secure a remote working environment and protect all devices and networks
  • Controls within the SOC 2 framework that can be enforced with mobile-first cybersecurity technology
  • How orgs can stay continuously secure and compliant without adding more work