Rubica is mobile cybersecurity for remote working and BYOD environments. We’re the first consumer-friendly and enterprise-grade cybersecurity built with a “mobile-first” approach. 

As more businesses shift to virtual environments and people work remotely, Rubica is the premium solution to protect their digital identities, privacy and data. We help people regain their digital freedoms with a mobile security app that acts as a digital bodyguard at your side. 

Rubica secures all your devices (including mobile phones), internet connection and accounts, no matter where users connect from – Wi-Fi, cell, office, remotely. Unlike antivirus or a corporate VPN, Rubica security actually protects people from malware, phishing and 52 other kinds of emerging threats. 

Rubica uses encrypted VPN technology, an enterprise-grade security stack with IDS/IPS capabilities, real-time threat intelligence, and Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to offer advanced business cybersecurity. 

Our MSPs program makes it easy to protect SMB customers while also offering new revenue streams: https://rubica.com/rubica-for-partners/