Article | July 8, 2020

Former NSA Director Shares 6 Takeaways About Shifting Cyber Landscape & How Companies Should Adapt

Source: Rubica

By Emily Carrion, Rubica

Former NSA Director shares 6 takeways

Cybersecurity has become one of the leading global considerations of the COVID-19 crisis following the mass migration to remote work. As our reliance on technology will necessarily increase in order to both manage and move out of this crisis, it will inevitably be accompanied by cyber insecurity and tradeoffs with our digital privacy. This emerging environment requires an understanding of cybersecurity at the individual level and how that interacts with the global forces at play.

To examine this critical theme, Concentric Advisors CEO Mike LeFever hosted a panel discussion with Michael Rogers, former Director of the NSA and Commander of US Cyber Command, and Frances Dewing, CEO of Rubica and an expert on personal cybersecurity.

Here are six takeaways to leave you with a better understanding of the shifting global security landscape and practical advice for securing yourself and your company during heightened risk.

Strategic cyber challenges we’re facing

The speakers shared that our current reality has brought some serious challenges. The divide between digital and work is just not there anymore. The massive shift to BYOD – merging personal and business – raises the questions of: What software is on the device? What are the security features? What’s the proficiency of the operator? And yet here we are. Before we didn’t have to worry as much about digital security at home, but now, it’s a major attack vector.

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