News Feature | October 14, 2016

Datto At The ASCII Success Summit: No More Back Up

John Oncea

By John Oncea, Digital Editorial Director

Preventing Healthcare Ransomware

Datto’s VP of Business Development Rob Rae presented The Most Important Lessons We've Learned From Our Only Customer, The Channel during the second day of the ASCII Success Summit — Rhode Island held October 13-14 at the Hyatt Regency Newport.

During the presentation itself Rae, discussed the most important business continuity secrets of success and provided several tips to help win business; the first being never use the word “back up.” Instead, Rae said to focus on the one disaster every customer will have: users. Rae’s exact words were, “Users suck at technology, and we should encourage that.”

Rae moved on to the ever-present subject of ransomware, noting it exists because of bitcoins. He adds the FBI suggests not paying ransoms, but disagrees with that suggestion. Why? Because unless you go back to the moment before the ransomware was installed, it will live on forever and you’ll be held captive again.

Rae pointed out one of the major effects of ransomware is downtime resulting in the loss of tens of millions of dollars. So what solves the ransomware problem? Not back up, but continuity — a hybrid cloud-based backup in which, regardless of the disaster, the network can be brought back up quickly and efficiently.

At the end of his presentation Rae announced the launching of Always Be Closing, an assessment tool co-developed with RapidFire Tools that will speed up the BRD sales process, assess a customer’s network automatically to intelligently position business continuity, and offer multiple options for a full or quick assessment. The tool is free for all solution providers and is available by sending an email to

The ASCII Success Summit— Rhode Island is being held October 13 — 14 at the Hyatt Regency Newport. It is the final of nine solution provider-focused conferences ASCII hosted in North America in 2016. For more information on ASCII, go to