Guest Column | October 5, 2015

Born In The Cloud: The Next Generation Of Call Center Technology

By Dave Bethers, VP of Enterprise Sales, TCN

Cloud IT Services

As more and more companies are shifting gears and jumping on board with cloud technology, the contact center industry is making the switch as well. Cloud computing technology has made it possible for call centers to forego the need to increase staff numbers and the routine headaches that are all too often associated with hardware and software (we’ve all been there). The good news for the contact center industry is that the adoption of cloud technology means less time wasted, less cost, and more focus placed on actually connecting agents with customers. As new features, updates, and technology don’t require costly hardware investments, it’s no wonder why we’re seeing a surge of IT service providers leaning on cloud-based call center technology. And, their customers haven’t looked back since!

Let’s take a closer look at several of the major advantages companies are enjoying after making the switch to the cloud:

  1. Fire Your Hardware

It’s no secret that an on-premises call center requires an extensive amount of money to not only install but to operate on an ongoing basis. Switching to a cloud-based system eliminates both the need to build out an extensive IT team and the overhead expenses for putting in place the necessary hardware. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of being able to access their software applications in the cloud and are downsizing their IT departments to just the necessary few. Many IT services providers have helped their customers make the seamless transition to the cloud, which has helped downsize payroll and upgrade productivity, all in one fell swoop!

  1. Kick Back And Relax On The Cloud

Many call centers today, including collection agencies, are starting to open their eyes to the benefits associated with adopting a cloud-based system. One of the biggest advantages of making the transition to the cloud is the ability to retain employees. Workplace flexibility has become one of the key differentiators for prospective employees, and with the right cloud-based technology in place, employees can work from almost anywhere. Workplace flexibility is seen by many companies as an added perk as employees can work from anywhere in the world and still perform as if they were physically present in the office. Such tasks include

  • receiving and placing calls
  • transferring calls
  • putting callers on hold with music
  • sending calls to an automated attendant
  • directing calls to the proper department
  1. Boost Morale And Call Monitoring

We get it — work is work. But thanks to cloud-based call center software, employees can now get back to enjoying the “live” aspects of their job and avoid falling into a robotic and routine slump. With the addition of intelligence call monitoring features, contact center agents have the freedom to be more adaptable with how they handle calls and being better equipped to deal with issues on the fly. Team leaders, too, are given an added sense of empowerment by being able to leverage these new tools to increase the sense of morale across the call center.

  1. Stay In The Know

Telephony law is a revolving door when it comes to compliance regulations. Keeping up with changing industry rules and regulations can be a full time job in and of itself. That being said, IT service providers are turning to the cloud to help their customers maintain compliance and dial within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations. Three innovative features that help maintain compliance include:

  • cell phone scrub, which automatically detects and removes the ability to call cell phones and ported numbers
  • manual dial only platform, which uses separate call engines that require an agent to place outgoing calls
  • call recording, which allows calls to be recorded and active recordings to be paused for compliance requirements
  1. Leverage Business Intelligence

In addition to making the move to the cloud, the call center industry is currently undergoing another dramatic shift with the introduction of business intelligence (BI). It’s making a huge impact on the level of reporting customers are now able to access. Business analytics are stepping in and adding a new layer of intelligence that enables generation of internal tracking metrics. This eliminates the guesswork for businesses as it shows at a quick glance what’s working and what areas might need improvement. 

In short, the cloud is here to stay. Flexibility, increased morale, compliance capabilities, and added intelligence are a few of the significant advantages. That’s why IT service providers are encouraging their customers to ditch on-premises solutions and make the switch to the cloud.