MSP White Papers

  1. MSPs: Strategic Security Role In Major Industries

    Cybercriminals are attacking MSPs as a way to get access to their customer base. MSPs are also increasingly involved in supporting supply chains of major industries where the weakest link will be targeted. They need to understand the transactional nature of the market as well as any special regulatory or compliance issues. At the same time, MSPs are being called upon to support customers’ IT staff with tools such as Dark Web monitoring, which looks at the various layers and interlinked businesses within a client’s network. Backed with a solid understanding of the special threats in a particular industry, the MSP can be in a strong position as a strategic advisor. 

  2. How To Recognize And Deal With Phishing Scams

    For several decades, email has been the primary form of professional and casual communication on the internet. In April 2019, it was estimated that 293.6 billion emails are sent around the globe each day. Because it is such a widely used form of communication, there are those who seek to take advantage of its scope and exploit it. Statista reports that over 55% of emails sent are considered spam. Although spam inboxes assist in weeding these imposter messages out, there are still many that slip through filters and end up where trustworthy emails are sent. These emails, disguised as legitimate, are actually phishing scams that aim to attack users like you.

  3. IT Service Excellence Toolkit: How To Meet And Exceed Customer Expectations To Ensure Customer Retention

    Customer service is key to ensuring success in your managed services business, but where should you start? This tool kit covers it all! With 150 pages of service excellence information, you can be sure this tool kit has everything you need to help improve the quality of your customer service.

  4. Getting Started With Contingent Labor: How To Source & Manage The Right Workers

    For business leaders in IT and other field service industries, contingent labor offers endless financial benefits. The shift from using traditional W-2 employees to contractors allows businesses to reduce the costs of recruiting, training, and insuring new employees. Aside from its cost savings, contingent labor also offers flexible, scalable, and efficient workforce solutions that improve performance metrics.

  5. The Complete Guide To Online Backup

    Have you lost your way reselling cloud backup services? This guide is for you. For every MSP, offering Backup as a Service is a guarantee for success. It helps build strong relationships with clients, Increase customer retention and make sustainable revenue. This guide contains marketing, sales and technical information to build a perfect Backup as a Service offer.

  6. Online Backup Active Protection: Fighting Back Against Ransomware

    In early 2018, there were 542 identified ransomware families. That number is still growing! Do not wait for ransomware to get in the door, protect your systems and data now. Online Backup Active Protection is the only solution that fights back against ransomware instantly.

  7. The Ultimate Guide To Reselling Microsoft 365 Business

    Looking for a new solution that will help your small business clients protect their data and boost your revenue at the same time? According to YouGov and Microsoft, 71% of cyber criminals target small businesses. This eBook will show you why Microsoft 365 Business is your best bet. You will learn what Microsoft 365 Business really is, why you should resell Microsoft 365 and how to pitch the solution to your clients.

  8. Show Your Clients That Their Online Presence Can Make Or Break Their Business

    Your client’s online presence matters — and it matters in a big way. Resellers can help clients grow their businesses and simultaneously deepen their relationships by guiding them in the use of digital tools and explaining why they matter.

  9. How To Sell Cloud PBX: Everything You Need To Know To Position, Scope And Handle Objections Successfully

    Reselling Cloud PBX is never an easy task, but you should not let that hold you back from adding it to your portfolio of managed services. Now is the perfect time to dive right into the lucrative telecom market. Every Business Needs a PBX and we can help you provide your clients with an up-to-date PBX system that fits their needs.

  10. A Layman’s Guide To AI, Machine Learning And Its Importance To Endpoint Security

    Beginning around 2007, traditional endpoint security was becoming ineffective. Stopping infections was based around finding a user with an infection (patient zero), creating a detection signature (inoculation) and then updating every device to stop any further infections (eradication). The ineffectiveness was a direct result of the volume, variety, and velocity of infections. These factors completely overwhelmed the ‘patient zero’ approach. There were simply too many patients and not enough inoculations.