Taylor Business Group is an executive coaching and peer group firm that focuses on IT Solution Providers and Copier Dealers. Founded in 2001, Taylor has brought efficiencies and higher profits to IT Solution Providers through a focused effort in delivering best practices to the Service Provider and Copier Dealer's service, sales and administrative functions.

We provide ideas and methodologies for the management team of our clients to implement or enhance strategic thinking into their organization; thus, providing their employees and customers a clear vision of the client's future, the products and services to be offered, and the means to deliver their services and products for a reasonable profit.

Our organization is designed to help business owner grow their business, provide an avenue for owners to have open dialogue with other owners, provide solutions that are unique to our industry and provide executive coaching to help owners get to where they want to be faster.

Our Goal is to make the business of business easy, so you, the owner, can get back to doing what you love.

Our Vision is a world where the metrics for successful businesses are well understood; the methods for achieving them easily taught and retained.