ConnectBooster automates billing and collections tasks AND collects customer payments, so you don’t have to do your least favorite chores.

ConnectBooster is an all-in-one accounts receivable automation tool that connects with the solutions MSPs rely on—CRM/PSA, quoting, and accounting software. With two-way data syncing ConnectBooster eliminates tedious and redundant accounting tasks and stressful collections calls, so your MSP can get paid faster and with less work.

MSPs who deploy ConnectBooster see the following benefits:

  • Reduce the average time it takes to get paid by 30+ days
  • Save 1-3 days per month on billing-related tasks
  • Recoup fees with ACH and automated discount options
  • Eliminate data-entry errors by integrating with the tools you already use
  • Offer 24/7 transparency with a branded portal and eliminate awkward collections calls
  • Protect customer-sensitive information in a 100% PCI-compliant payment vault

Book a 15-minute evaluation consultation with our payments specialist to learn how ConnectBooster can help you. No hard sells, no strings attached — just some killer ideas to help you get paid first, and fast with fewer headaches.


ConnectBooster - Fatigue Burnout 8 Ways ConnectBooster Eases MSP Collection Fatigue & Burnout

Manual monthly accounting tasks to collect what’s owed consume precious hours, while lack of control around when your MSP gets paid needlessly intensifies workplace stress. Here are eight ways ConnectBooster eases the burnout consequences of a manual collection process. 



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Cash Flow is the life-blood of a business, and when it comes to getting paid on time and profitability, 70% of MSP owners still lose sleep worrying about cash flow issues. So, how can you safeguard your business and ensure predictable cash flow?

Accounts receivable automation with ConnectBooster will relieve your stress around cash flow and lessen the burden of accounting tasks required to keep pace with collections.