Workforce Analytics & Productivity Software

Has your managed services firm adapted to support the future of work?

With ActivTrak, you can deliver cost-effective and highly profitable workforce analytics and productivity monitoring solutions to your clients, no matter where they work.

Why join ActivTrak’s MSP program?

  • Single pane of glass management console
  • Transparent and flexible usage-based billing
  • Ongoing training, enablement and hands-on support
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and differentiate your business

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About ActivTrak

ActivTrak delivers unmatched visibility into how teams work. With powerful reporting and detailed insights, ActivTrak helps managed service providers provide a new level of clarity to clients, helping your customers work more efficiently—in-office and remote!

Our award-winning workforce analytics and productivity management platform includes an easy-to-manage cloud console, live and interactive dashboards, customizable rules and security alerts, and more.

  • Enhance your services portfolio with “remote workforce” solutions
  • Support clients with distributed in-office, hybrid, and remote teams
  • Share meaningful productivity insights and guidance with clients
  • Reduce wasted IT spend across individuals and departments
  • Improve team efficiency and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Boost employee engagement, happiness, and productivity

Additionally, with data from more than 8,500 customers and 250,000 users, ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab is a global center for ground-breaking research and expertise that helps companies embrace and embody the future of work.

Based in Austin, Texas, ActivTrak is backed by Sapphire Ventures and Elsewhere Partners and is led by a seasoned team of software industry veterans. Learn more at activtrak.com.