News Feature | January 17, 2017

Winning MSPs Capitalizing On Cloud And Comprehensive Solutions

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

IT Security Experts Prefer Integrated, Cloud-Delivered Security

The MSP market is still growing and now offering more choices to satisfy customers.

The latest Kaseya MSP Global Pricing Survey Report has found MSPs are capitalizing on the cloud and offering comprehensive solution suites to meet their customers’ needs and capture a greater market share. The Kaseya MSP Global Pricing Survey Report is an industry resource for MSPs looking to benchmark their performance against other MSPs around the world. The 2017 report contains detailed data from over 900 MSP firms of all sizes, spread across almost 50 countries.

Among the key findings of this year’s report:

  1. The MSP market is continuing its hot streak, demonstrating strong growth last year.
  2. The MSP market divergence is in progress, with high-growth MSPs offering greater options and a full suite of services to attract clients.
  3. Vision, scale, and confidence create high-growth cycle for MSPs as they leverage clear-sighted evaluation of market requirements, dedication to creating economies of scale, and efficiencies within their operations, and the confidence to claim the full value of the services they offer.
  4. Security and cloud a priorities for 2017, with thirty percent of respondents stating meeting security risks is the most important IT problem or service need their clients will face in 2017. This speaks to the increasingly complex market and technology concerns facing clients in the next year.

According to the study, “This year’s pricing survey gives a snapshot of an inflection point for the MSP market. While most MSPs continue to experience positive growth, there is a significant divergence in progress separating high-growth MSPs and their lower growth peers. The highest performing MSPs continue to outpace their peers by taking the lead on offering high-value, comprehensive services while also making sure they are fully compensated for the strategic value they deliver to clients.”

Further, the report notes MSPs must do more than just check off a service-offering box in order to leverage the full market potential. They must also continually expand their service offerings, improve efficiency, and better communicate the value they deliver to their clients.