Article | July 17, 2018

What's Your Documentation Maturity Level?

Source: IT Glue
What’s Your Documentation Maturity Level?

I guess we should back up a bit, and explain what documentation maturity level™ is. You hear about “operational maturity” a lot, but to actually improve the maturity level of your business you need to break that down a bit. After all, “operational” means a lot of different things. We’re a documentation company, so we decided to break down maturity specifically with respect to MSP documentation.

Your documentation maturity level, in essence, reflects how your MSP approaches documentation, and how you use it in your business. Documentation maturity runs in a spectrum from the MSP that documents almost nothing, preferring to keep it all in the heads of a couple of key people, to the MSP that leverages documentation for competitive advantage.

Most MSPs fall somewhere in between. When IT Glue started in 2014, I think it’s fair to say that the percentage of MSPs who were masters of documentation was quite small. Even among IT service providers who understood the value of documentation, the actual state of documentation was probably haphazard, in part for lack of great tools.

Four years later, we live in a world where Fred Voccola gets on stage at Kaseya Connect and tells his entire customer base that they need to be on IT Glue. Documentation is no longer an afterthought.

Why does this matter for you?