Article | May 5, 2022

Vulnerability Management Is Essential For Your IT Security

Source: RapidFire Tools
Exploiting Windows Vulnerabilities

Network vulnerability scans play a crucial role in safeguarding networks. The process involves both external vulnerability scanning — a scan from the outside to check your network’s firewall and other “perimeter” defenses — and internal vulnerability scanning — a scan that tests every device on your network. Internal vulnerability scans not only look at your servers and workstations, but also check laptops, mobile devices, printers, network phones and anything else on your network.  

Just like everyone needs to get periodic dental X-rays, every computer network needs periodic vulnerability scanning. With X-rays, the frequency depends on the patient’s hygiene, existing condition of the teeth, prior dental work and other conditions. 

The same can be said when it comes to determining the frequency of vulnerability scans. Small organizations with just a few computers running in a workgroup may only need an annual scan. But for most businesses, a quarterly scan is considered best practice. In many regulated industries or organizations that collect, use or store sensitive data, a monthly or weekly scan may be necessary.  

VulScan is a key component to proper vulnerability management and can help you deliver IT security that meets the needs of each and every client.  It has all the features you need for both internal and external vulnerability management, and even includes an optional portable scanner that you can tote from one location to another for ad hoc scans without consuming additional licenses.  

Best of all, VulScan is priced so that cost is no longer a barrier to scanning as many assets as you need, as frequently as you want. 

VulScan delivers all the features you need and allows you to perform as many scans as you want, as frequently as you want, for as many assets, at any client site.  

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