White Paper

Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service: How To Improve Client IT Security And Your Profits At The Same Time

Source: RapidFire Tools
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This whitepaper was developed by the staff at RapidFire Tools to serve as a blueprint to help MSPs create, sell, and deliver a profitable portfolio of vulnerability management services – a suite of offerings that are scaled and priced to meet the needs of every client, regardless of how small or how large.

The number of known internal and external network vulnerabilities has been rising every year, as has the number of cybercriminals who are finding ways to exploit them. The question is not “IF it will happen to us” but rather “WHEN it will happen to us.”

MSPs are expected to protect their clients by providing ongoing vulnerability scanning with well-planned remediation. Yet, until now, cost has been a major obstacle preventing MSPs from incorporating network vulnerability scanning into their routine, day-to-day security services and rolling it out to every client. In addition, MSPs have lacked the training needed to properly position and sell Management Services in a way that their clients can understand and value.

In this whitepaper, we cover the need for this service, provide the ammo to explain that need to your clients, review the technical requirements associated with the service, and provide a matrix of different service levels with associated recommended pricing. We even show you how to calculate your ROI to ensure your new services are contributing healthy margins to your bottom line.