Case Study

VAR Experiences New Revenue Streams And Increased Profitability With POS Solutions

Source: Shift4 Payments
Taxing Information, Communication Technologies Actually Costs Money, Study Shows

Scott Spitzberg, owner of Restaurant Software Solutions, has many years of experience selling, installing, and supporting POS and has run across many different types of restaurant customers. He’s identified two groups that, historically, haven’t been great opportunities for new business. First, there are legacy customers who want to leverage systems they have in place rather than spend money on new technology. Their hardware is outdated, they haven’t kept up with current versions of software, and they don’t want to pay for a support contract. The second group is restaurants that are new, haven’t had time to establish credit, most likely spent much of the start-up money on equipment and décor that usually goes over budget, and have yet to serve their fi rst customer. In short, it’s very hard or impossible for them to acquire a POS system by writing a huge check or qualifying for a lease.

While Spitzberg used to focus his attention elsewhere for sales, today — with Harbortouch and its POS-as-a-service model — Spitzberg has discovered he can win business in these customer segments. The results include not just new revenue streams, but increased profi tability for the VAR.

Take, for instance, a recently completed Harbortouch installation for Offsidez Sports Bar in New Jersey. Spitzberg says the establishment was recently opened by three partners who were new to the restaurant business.

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