Article | April 17, 2019

Using Documentation To Nail Your QBRs

Source: IT Glue

By Ashley Ogilvie, IT Glue

What’s Your Documentation Maturity Level?

Documentation is a critical but often overlooked source of competitive advantage. When you have good documentation practices in place, that means you’ve documented the ins and outs of your clients’ organizations, and you have all the proof of your processes. So when it comes time to sit down with your clients for the quarterly business review (QBR), your documentation has everything you need in order to deliver productive, transparent, and insightful conversations that strengthen your customer relationships.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Did you reach your service level agreements during the past quarter? Whether you hit all of your SLAs or fell short on a few, your documentation will have the evidence. This means that even if you’re addressing areas that need more work, and you should be addressing these areas, your documentation will help you identify how you can improve. Then you can show your clients what changes you’re going to make to your processes in order to serve them better.

Proof of process

If your clients have any questions regarding how you document their environments, or what processes you have in place, the QBR is a perfect time to address any of those questions or concerns. Don’t just talk about them, though. The whole point of your documentation is that you can show your processes.