Article | February 18, 2021

7 Tips MSPs Need To Optimize Their Sales Process

Source: IT By Design

By Sunny Kaila, IT By Design

7 Seven

Imagine this scenario. You are a small but ambitious MSP. You’ve taken the leap of faith by adding a few new products and services to your portfolio and decided to go aggressive with your sales. The problem is that your passion lies in an industry that’s already over-saturated with the products and services you sell. Adding to the challenge, you are at the point of your business journey where technology is not the only competency you need to grow.

So, how do you keep building your sales numbers and strengthening your client relationships? To transition from owner-led sales to a true sales organization, small- to mid-sized MSPs need to reimagine their sales process and reinvent the way they sell products and services. MSPs that have a strategic plan behind their sales goals have a significant edge as they deploy their team to approach the right prospects at the right time—and get the wins.

Target the right personas

Personas are extremely detailed demographic and psychographic descriptions. When you develop the key personas of your customers, you are looking more deeply than the traditional “ideal customer” view. You are looking at geographic info, size of business, verticals, and layering on more personal aspects as well, to see patterns that will guide your approach to similar businesses. Your service team will be able to contribute this information about your existing clients. Based on this information, have your marketing team build the personas to target based on emerging patterns.

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