Article | May 2, 2018

The Lean MSP: Launching Lean

Source: IT Glue
The Lean MSP: Launching Lean

Going lean in your MSP starts with your vision for where you are going. The short and simple version is that a Lean MSP is one that is dedicated to continuous improvement, that always seeks to eliminate waste, and perform better. There are no magic tricks to getting lean – it’s all about having a plan, executing that plan, and then doing it all again the next day.

Step One: Engage the Leadership

If leadership isn’t on board, none of this is going to work. Lean is a continuous process that is built into your organization at the all levels. When you get into the lean groove, you will find that everybody in contributing to waste reduction. It becomes one of the things your team thinks about. To get to that point, you need every single leader in the company, from the CEO on down, to buy in. Get the CEO on board and you’ll have the resources you need to get started. More important, the organization’s objectives and Lean can be brought into alignment, something that simply cannot happen without support at the highest level. For that reason, there is no step more important than this one.