Guest Column | March 22, 2021

Telecom Operators Can Accelerate The Expansion Of Fiber Connectivity

By Todd Twete, Blackfoot Communications


RDOF, 5G, Infrastructure planning are exciting new avenues to support fast broadband services to business and residential communities around the nation.

Over the past few months, we've seen many initiatives and projects that will enable businesses and homes to connect with their local and global communities. These initiatives include:

1.       Rural digital opportunity fund (RDOF): FCC auction to fund broadband expansion in rural areas through fiber connectivity

2.       5G: Low-latency cellular service now offered in consumer cell phones

3.       Infrastructure focus: Expanding broadband across the nation is a key focus for the new administration

In each of these initiatives, fiber optic technology is the key to connecting our rural and urban communities to online education, community events, eCommerce, and business-to-business partnerships.

While other technologies exist to support connecting voice and data services around the world, fiber continues to act as the foundational conduit to meet the needs, demands, and expectations of tomorrow's connected world.

With government funding and support enabling the expansion of fiber, regional telecommunications operators with dark fiber and carrier-grade services will accelerate supply for the growing demand for access to fiber.

As these telecom operators continue to engineer, plan and construct fiber lines across their regions, connecting their fiber lines to other regional telecom operators can instantly expand access to key last-mile locations. This instant expansion will create further demand in regions where telecom operators have yet to create partnerships to expand their networks, which will in turn create additional options to deploy fiber in these areas.

Due to rough terrain and sparse populations, deploying fiber in rural and urban areas across the United States is a resource-intensive project. By partnering with like-minded telecom operators, businesses and consumers will benefit from fast, reliable, and secure connectivity.

About The Author

ToddTodd Twete is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Blackfoot Communications. His professional career features more than 20 years of national sales, marketing, and executive management experience. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, he oversees the sales (direct, indirect, wholesale channels) and marketing operations across Montana and Idaho. Additional responsibilities include the implementation and execution of strategic corporate initiatives while fostering partner relationships and enhancing customer experiences