Guest Column | August 14, 2017

Stellar, Flexible And Affordable Talent, Do You Have To Choose?

By Giancarlo Di Vece, President at Unosquare

Giancarlo Di Vece, President at Unosquare

Sustainable growth is primarily driven by talent. While recruiting talent is an ongoing challenge for businesses, especially those that are globally positioned, embracing the large and highly-skilled pool of candidates beyond your backyard greatly enhances your brand. It is possible to find the right candidates halfway across the world that will not only share the company's mission, but are affordable, adaptable, and qualified.

While every organization is a reflection of the executive’s vision and values, the people you hire will ultimately be responsible for driving performance and growing the business. International enterprises, while facing unique challenges, also have the opportunity to reach a larger pool of exceptional talent. As a primary asset, people shape the brand, culture, structure, and ultimately the growth of the firm. To do this successfully, sales, operations, and culture need to be aligned. As culture is foundational, changes to the business should reinforce these mainstays of your company. A global growth strategy is most effective when establishments realize that people are the biggest influence on success.

Every generation believes they are witnessing monumental changes in their lifetime. While this may be true, the swiftness and global impact of transformation has most significantly affected this current population. Never has there been such a shift in the workforce, from a large segment of the population nearing retirement to an influx of women continuing to enter highly-educated fields. Worldwide transformations include extensive alterations in the generational makeup of the workforce as well as immigration levels. This has caused leadership to reevaluate hiring strategies, as many companies can’t afford to not think globally in this current market. 

Businesses need people with different backgrounds. When workplace talent is comprised of a wider talent pool, firms have access to the most inspired, pioneering, and dedicated people.  This not only translates to successful partnerships with clients but internal collaboration. An internal international team offers new ideas on how to grow the business, connect with more people, and expand your marketing message. No longer can employees be considered a burdening expense, but more as an investment.

By focusing on competency-based hiring and bringing together a global workforce, and then providing them with an open work environment that cultivates innovation, teams are encouraged to produce and develop, and leadership is leveraging the organization’s strengths while implementing changes to improve outcomes. This improves the overall brand strategy of the company.  

But, how do you maintain an open and welcoming work environment when you combine talent from different countries and cultures? How do you encourage innovation, yet streamline objectives? While connecting teams from across the world is challenging, and face-to-face meetings are not always possible, video conferencing, messaging, weekly calls, or virtual brainstorming sessions open the doors to communication and collaboration.

Every successful business has a culture fueled by an identity.  What makes you unique? How are you better than the competition?  Why do you win?  Chances are, it is a mix of talent and technology, people and passion. Globally positioned talent is a proven and adaptable strategy that empowers company leaders with a sustainable solution that works. And, by giving your workforce the tools to achieve, this high-functioning team will be ready to help you dominate the world.

Giancarlo joined Unosquare in 2013 and quickly grew to become the connector between client needs and delivery. He is deeply passionate about technology and process due to his industrial engineering background. His doggedly passion for the alignment of both has resulted in efficient, cost effective and successful partnerships with some of the best known financial services and life sciences institutions in the country.

Before joining Unosquare, Giancarlo started a small craft company dedicated to the North American market when he was only 22 years old. He grew that into a 100-person operation, which sold specialty products to large retailers nationwide. He loves playing Tennis all over the world.