State Of Managed Services: What An MSP Should Look For When Deciding Who To Partner With

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Welcome to the second season of State Of Managed Services, a podcast for MSPs, featuring MSPs!

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We got the gang back together for season two, including Dede Haas, an award-winning high-tech sales professional and founder of DLH Services. We were also able to bring back our panel of experts as well:

  • Christopher Barber, Chief Nerd at Cheaper Than A Geek – an MSP that aims to provide the support of an entire IT department for companies as small as 1-10 employees. With a fanatical emphasis on great customer service, Cheaper Than A Geek has won more awards for its customer service than any other IT provider in the DC, MD, VA area.
  • Dawn Sizer, whose career in IT began in 1995 and culminated in 2005 with the formation of her MSP, 3rd Element Consulting. CEO and technologist with security, training, and policy specializations, Dawn holds an MBA in IT Management, as well as a long string of industry-standard certifications. She has a knack for making complex technical information relatable to any audience. This is showcased in her writings for trade publications and books, speaking engagements at industry events, her MSP, 3rd Element Consulting, and her Podcast, Rebel Executives.
  • Jim Buchanan, who founded Buchanan Technologies in 1988 in a small suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area and has since grown it through smart technology advancements, business acquisitions, and strong people management.
  • Zina Hassel, award-winning author of My Armadillo Skin: How I Made It As A Woman In The Field Of Telecom and CEO of ZLH Enterprises. As a technology consultancy with roots in the telecom, customer premise equipment, and structured cabling markets for more than 25 years.

So grab your earbuds, sit back, and enjoy this 20-minute conversation about a topic no doubt near and dear to your heart.

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