Guest Column | August 2, 2019

Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Par3.IT

A conversation with Fred Alzoni, Par3.IT

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In this SPOTLIGHT ON CLIENT SUCCESS, Par3.IT Managing Partner Fred Alonzi shares how his company is driving the success of its clients.

Solutions Provider: Par3.IT

Client Name: Unable to disclose

Describe this client’s problem that precipitated the need for your solution(s). One of our existing OnGuard Managed Services clients had a laptop that crashed. We replaced the hard drive in the laptop, but when we tried to restore his files, the backup was missing!

The problem was with offline files, a feature of Windows Server operating systems. This feature should have synchronized his documents to a server where they would be backed up. Although this was a bug within the operating system, we felt responsible for the data loss and paid for a service to recover data from the hard drive.

What solution did you implement and how did it address the client’s challenge? I am a strong believer that when you pay for your mistakes, you will never make that mistake again.

So, fearing that we might have other users with the same problem, we used SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to create a custom script that would search for the special conditions that caused this problem. We wrote the script and deployed it to around 1,500 devices using SolarWinds RMM within one hour of initially finding the problem! Our script did not turn up any other problems, so this was a rare incident.

How is the solution helping the client do business more efficiently? The solution was two-fold:

First, we accepted responsibility for the initial problem, even though we could have just blamed Microsoft. Customers come to us to manage their IT system and when a backup fails — even if it was not specifically our fault — I don’t think they would appreciate it if we were to blame it on someone else. Second, by deploying a check to all of our managed devices, we were able to assure our client that this was a very unique situation and that we will watch for it and prevent it from now on.

How is that success being measured and attributed to your solution? This is a more nuanced example that really can’t be measured. We believe we have a better partnership now with our client because they trust us to stand by our service level agreement. But all of our other customers benefit from this, whether they know it or not!

Has this solution led to any new business opportunities or product/service offerings for your company? This was a very recent example. We will be able to use this client as a reference in future sales. I believe prospects will appreciate our integrity by this example.