News | August 10, 2022

Soter Technologies Announces Channel Expansion

Environmental sensor leader is recruiting partners that serve facilities management, warehousing and logistics, agriculture, and health care sectors

Soter Technologies, a leading provider of innovative environmental sensor and software technologies, announced a North American channel expansion initiative to identify and secure partners that serve facilities management, warehousing and logistics, agriculture, and health care markets. Partner in these channels will offer Soter’s proven, high-margin sensing solutions to businesses and organizations that are responsible for maintaining healthy, safe, and secure environments.

Soter’s technologies are routinely used in educational and industrial settings across the globe to alert administrators and management to instances of real-time threats and prohibited behaviors in areas that do not allow the use of cameras or microphones. These offerings provide detection and alerts of changes in air quality, as well as uncharacteristic ambient noise shifts that can indicate activity such as sudden gatherings of people or incidents of aggression.

“Our sensing technologies have proven to be highly effective in the education market and other sectors where maintaining public health and safety is of paramount importance,” said Derek Peterson, Soter’s chief executive officer. “We have been approached by numerous organizations in adjacent markets that also place a high priority on these attributes. Our solutions represent a perfect opportunity for IoT solution providers, MSPs, and other channels to furnish high-margin products that can immediately protect the public and mitigate risk. We have always taken a holistic approach to safety and security, and are eager to demonstrate the value that our solutions provide across a variety of markets.”

Soter’s suite of products includes real-time, patented technologies that can sense change in air quality and sound anomalies, dynamically dispatch automated alerts, and utilize artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to identify trends and facilitate preventative measures. The company is also applying its innovations to deliver products which will facilitate anonymous incident reporting, protect privacy across video and digital content, and identify patterns and trends from individuals in social media.

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About Soter Technologies
Soter Technologies is an innovative provider of cutting-edge solutions that enable customers to stay aware of environmental and behavioral threats to employees and other constituencies. Utilizing a combination of superior sensor technology and software solutions, Soter products can instantly identify environmental and social anomalies across a wide range of situations and are designed to protect classrooms, campuses, workplaces, and communities worldwide.

Source: Soter Technologies