News | July 5, 2018

SolarWinds MSP Launches MSP Institute—A Business Playbook Providing MSPs With Support Through Business And Technical Training

Source: Solarwinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and MSPs, has recently launched its MSP Institute, a playbook for MSPs designed to provide training and tips through business, sales, marketing, and technical tracks from experts and industry leaders.

The MSP Institute consists of webinars, videos, and podcasts—with tracks on go-to-market strategies, advice on how to build and manage a successful sales team, best practices for operational success, and tips on how to manage customer relationships successfully. The MSP Institute will have five series throughout 2018, including:

  • The Management Series – focusing on foundational business practices for owners and managers, covering topics including how to choose your program portfolio, pricing strategies to enhance profitability, building a foundational sales and marketing plan, the benefits and pitfalls of NOCs and help desks, and metrics that can help you improve your business
  • The Sales Series – covering the fundamentals of selling, value propositions, customer-acquisition strategies, moving prospects through the process to becoming full customers, and techniques for handling objections
  • The Marketing Series – teaching high-quality, high-yield inbound marketing techniques, how to build a brand, lead generation methods, media planning and content marketing, funnel management, and the content/collateral creation process
  • The Security Series – featuring tips on how to leverage security as a key business driver, how to create a security offering, the fundamentals of regulatory compliance, and educating your customers on better security practices
  • The Backup Series – coaching how to position backup services (and what you’re really selling to customers), how to define backup services and scope, outlining service level agreements and setting pricing, and how to get more backup business without relying on selling

“We are excited to bring the MSP Institute to the market as we continue to build on our track record of providing valuable training to our customers since 2004—our mission is to support and empower our partners to be highly successful and confident in their business”, said Mike Cullen, vice president of customer experience and business strategy, SolarWinds MSP. “The MSP Institute portal is intended to be well-suited for most MSPs, at varying stages in their business life-cycle, and offers robust training materials across the entire business spectrum from some of the industry’s top experts.”

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Source: Solarwinds MSP