Article | October 10, 2018

Sales Funnel For MSPs: Guide To Essentials

Source: CloudBerry

If you’ve decided to start a managed service provider practice you may ask yourself: how do I sell my managed services to my prospects? You might be a very good technical specialist, but if you have no idea of how the sales process works it may be very difficult for you to bring your business to any significant level of profitability. According to a survey conducted by CloudBerry Lab in 2018, the most challenging aspect of the MSP business still is finding new clients and turning prospects into deals.

In this article, we are going to review the sales funnel that managed service providers implement when working with new leads - from the initial contact to the closed deal and subsequent monthly payouts. Typically, there are five sales funnel stages: attraction, subscription, conversion, closing, and retention. Let’s take a closer look at these stages.

MSP Sales Funnel Stages

1. Attraction

This is where your marketing team should show their best efforts. You may wonder why we started talking about marketing at this point, but the truth is, it goes hand-in-hand with sales; one cannot do one without the other.

Marketing is responsible for attracting new leads to your business. The higher the quality of these leads, the easier it is to sell your services to.

There are many ways to advertise your services and to attract potential customers: SEO, PPC advertising, referral program, offline promotion. Test all of these sources and decide which one works best in your case.