News | September 14, 2022

Reconcile Billing For BCDR & Continuity Products... Automatically

Source: Gradient MSP

The Gradient team has done it again! With the vast potential of the Synthesize Platform, Gradient's latest brainchild is a new premium integration similar to the Gradient Billing Module that allows Datto users to reconcile their BCDR/Continuity services automatically.

What was the inspiration for this new solution? Helping to make sure MSPs get paid.

Datto is one of the most prominent vendors in the Channel. It supports tens of thousands of MSPs. Depending upon the Datto services an MSP deploys, their billing and invoicing can become incredibly complex. The Synthesize Platform provides the mechanism for turning chaos into order through direct integration with Datto Continuity. This integration gives MSPs the power to organize Datto Services based on their billing and reconciliation practices.


The initial release will provide users with a brand-new experience for mapping services and accounts and managing new and existing integrations. It will also allow them to:

  • Reconcile against three Datto services: 
    • Offsite Storage
    • Per Agent 
    • Per Device 
  • Include different agent types, such as NAS shares (MSPs will have to decide whether to reconcile or ignore these).

The Datto Continuity integration supports all PSAs currently supported by our Billing Module. The integration does not support SaaS Backup (Backupify) at this time.

Prerequisites for use

In order for MSPs to take advantage of the integration, they will need to have a few measures in place, such as:

  • A Synthesize account, a Pro Billing Plan, and a connected PSA 
  • Your Datto API Key (public & secret) from the Datto Partner Portal 

Once connected, Synthesize users can map accounts and services, just as they would for other billing integrations.

Cost and Availability

Datto Continuity is our second Premium Integration (Liongard was launched earlier this year). It requires our $99 Pro Billing plan and is now available to current Synthesize users.

We can't wait for you to check it out.