Rebranding Is More Than Just A Name Change

A conversation with Christopher Claudio, Logically

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Logically CEO, Christopher Claudio, shares his insights and lessons learned after rebranding the national managed services provider.

Q: What were some of the most challenging parts about rebranding Logically?

Claudio: At the time we were bringing two great companies together that had an outstanding history with both of their previous brands. As with any company, the people are the most critical asset and with change comes uncertainty and naturally, some anxiety. I always have believed that people are central to building a great company, so the most challenging aspect to me was maintaining the amazing cultures that had been built over many years. The branding process itself was obviously tedious, but the most important part of the exercise was truly coming together as one company in both name and culture.

Q: Why did you feel like it was beneficial to rebrand?

Claudio: The rebranding exercise coincided with a rejuvenated strategy based on growing into a larger, market-leading and nationally-recognized MSP. Our previous name and brand had regional awareness, but little national awareness. Our go-to-market strategy for 2019 and beyond brought our new name and our new approach into focus to truly become our customers’ ally, thus the Logically name, which has the word “ally” embedded into it.

Q: How do you see Logically in the MSP space now?

MSPi Christopher Claudio, Logically 02.20Claudio: I am generally modest about this topic, but I am genuinely sincere in my thinking that not only are we the best Managed Service Provider on the planet, but we also have the best strategy that is transforming the industry. Our core delivery model around our Care Teams is generally seen as industry leading. Coupled with our best in class systems management and automation through our proprietary technology platform, OpLogic, I truly feel we are the leader in the MSP space.

Q: How can other MSPs successfully rebrand if need be? Any advice you can share with them?

Claudio: Rebranding requires tremendous amounts of planning and picking a great partner to lead the exercise! Through that collaborative relationship, building a measured plan with defined timelines, milestones, and an overwhelming amount of communication before, during and after the actual brand launch.

Q: What were some of the lessons you learned after rebranding?

Claudio: We learned that even if you do most things right, not everyone is going to like the outcome. We literally had legacy customers that refused to call us by the new name. The same was true with partners and staff - you simply can’t force change on people in a boxed time frame so patience for full adoption is probably the most valuable lesson we learned.

Q: How does your acquisition strategy dovetail with your rebranding efforts?

Claudio: Logically and being a customers’ ally is something any MSP can get behind. It’s about being great, taking care of your customers, and leading the way. Regardless of the industry, everyone likes to be part of a winning team and strategy.