Article | September 13, 2022

7 Reasons Why Great Documentation Is Critical For Your MSP

Source: IT Glue
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Why is documentation so important? Imagine being told to go through your day with a blindfold on — constantly having to search for any information that would help you find your next step. It’d be pretty difficult, wouldn’t it? That’s what it’s like to work without documentation.

With documentation, you can move forward throughout your day because it holds all the necessary information you need to complete your processes. No more blindfold, and no more searching blindly for information. Instead, tasks become easier to complete, and goals become more possible to achieve. Good documentation is foundational for your success. Here are seven reasons why documentation is important.

1) Reduced time waste

Consistency equals efficiency. One of the main causes of time wastage is having inconsistent processes. Documentation is how you combat this problem. If your processes vary depending on which staff member is completing the task, or worse, because there is little process to follow, time is being wasted. Chances are high that certain employees complete tasks more efficiently than others. It’s even possible that one specific employee completes a task more efficiently depending on how they decide to do it that day. Good documentation allows you to choose the most efficient way to complete a task, and document it so that all staff members go about it the same way with the same (highest) efficiency.

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