Article | September 4, 2018

10 Reasons MSP Success Relies Upon Multi-Vector Security Solutions

Source: Webroot
Guide On How To Secure A Network

“With 7.5 million new malware variants introduced each month,” organizations need to prepare for an all-out war on cyberattacks. Cyber threats are attacking users from multiple angles—or “vectors.” And what’s worse, their attacks can hit in multiple stages. As an MSP, you must leverage solutions that keep users and devices infectionfree across all endpoints. Unfortunately, two-thirds of MSPs are short on qualified IT professionals who can help them ramp up their security offerings. Thankfully, Webroot multi- vector protection can help.

Improve efficiency—anywhere.
When resources are stretched thin, savvy MSPs know that simplified processes are key to supporting complex deployments, especially those spanning multiple regions. Within the Webroot Global Site Manager (GSM) console, your admins can manage all sites in one dashboard, from anywhere in the world. Streamlined deployments give your teams access to global and granular controls, real-time remediation, and policy management across sites, groups, and user-levels.

Cut costs with automation.
In business, time is money. With fully automated cybersecurity solutions, MSPs are equipped to stay ahead of tomorrow’s attacks while minimizing IT overhead and time spent on routine tasks like managing tickets and deploying security upgrades. With more uptime and lower service call volumes, you can strengthen your bottom line and free up team members to focus on initiatives that grow your business.