Guest Column | November 19, 2019

Reader Spotlight: Robert Coop, CCB Tech Group

A conversation with Robert Coop, CCB Tech Group


In this Reader Spotlight, CCB Tech Group President Robert Coop shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.

Summarize your background/professional experience.

Coop: We began as a break-fix company with a CPA in 1993. Installed LANtastic networks and accounting automation software, bought into an ISP, and then later sold to a regional internet incumbent. We began offering managed services about 10 years ago but still have many small break-fix customers. We are also a low voltage installation partner and business telephone systems vendor.

What is one interesting/humorous/entertaining fact about you?

Coop: I have a master's degree in sociology and started my career working in a private psychiatric hospital.

What verticals do you serve and what services and technologies do you sell?

Coop: SMB to all sectors, dental, general medial, legal, and insurance.

What vendor partners do you work with?           

Coop: Datto, Autotask, Webroot, Sonicwall, and NEC.

What is the best sales opportunity on your 12-to-18-month horizon?    

Coop: Windows 7 replacements/upgrades and all things security focused

What threatens that opportunity?

Coop: General fears about economy and interest rates.

What could accelerate it?

Coop: Anything that makes the markets nervous.

What is the most difficult aspect of leading an IT service provision company?    

Coop: Must focus on the soft skills and technical skills equally. People and processes need constant attention.

How are you attacking that challenge?

Coop: Education, reading, and mentoring. Evaluating a master-mind type group this year.

In the context of running your business, what apps/tools/utilities could you not live without?  

Coop: All related to communication; Slack, email, texting, etc.

On the flip side of that, what would you be happy to do without?

Coop: Texting, 100 percent.