Guest Column | January 9, 2020

Reader Spotlight: Dawn Sizer, 3rd Element Consulting

A conversation with Dawn Sizer, 3rd Element Consulting

In this Reader Spotlight, 3rd Element Consulting CEO and ASCII Group member Dawn Sizer shares a little about herself, company, and the state of the channel.

Summarize your background/professional experience. 20+ years in the IT field, MBA in IT Management, CompTIA certifications, Microsoft certifications, and business owner.

What is one interesting/humorous/entertaining fact about you? I look like Lori Laughlin, but sound like Chucky Finster from Rugrats when my nose is stuffy, and I'm certified to drive a forklift.

What verticals do you serve and what services and technologies do you sell? Local/municipal government and first responders.

What vendor partners do you work with? Synnex, Getac, Cradlepoint, Datto, Webroot, etc.

What is the best sales opportunity on your 12-to-18-month horizon? For us it's mobility, body cams and IoT on a number of levels. MDR is a hot ticket item as well.

What threatens that opportunity? Other vendors for the body cams, but not much else is a threat for us.

What could accelerate it? Funding for agencies.

What is the most difficult aspect of leading an IT service provision company? People — staffing is difficult. We have additional requirements to work with our clients, so not only do we have a hard time finding staff due to shortages but they have to meet stringent criteria.

How are you attacking that challenge? Nabbing staff right out of schools or recruiting.

In the context of running your business, what apps/tools/utilities could you not live without? Our PSA/RMM, VoIP, and of course internet!

On the flip side of that, what would you be happy to do without? marketing, websites, and writing for SEO.