Keeping Up With Our Customer's Ever-Changing Threats

Keeping Up With Our Customer's Ever-Changing Threats

Baroan Technologies, founded in 1997, is a single point of contact MSP. Helping their clients by providing guidance, proactive monitoring and maintenance of their network and security, they have experienced a year-over-year growth rate of 20%.  In this first installment of our new Reader Spotlight series, MSPinsights asked Baroan Technologies’ Founder and President, Guy Baroan, to discuss one of his biggest business challenges and how his company is dealing with the issue of keeping their customers secure in an ever-changing technology and IT threat environment.

MSPinsights:  What’s currently the one of the most challenging aspect of managing your business?

Guy Baroan:  Our biggest challenge is keeping up with the newest technology innovations and finding the best-of-breed products that our clients can benefit from. It seems like technology is changing faster than ever these days. What was a great solution a year ago may no longer be the best solution today. There’s a lot to stay on top of.

MSPinsights:  What do you consider the root cause of the challenge you identified?

Baroan:  We, like many other service providers are facing this issue because of the ever-changing technological landscape.  With the constant threat of ransomware, data hacks, and other numerous security breaches, companies are becoming much more aware of the need to secure themselves, as well as securing the information of clients they work with.

MSPinsights:  In your opinion, was there any way to avoid this challenge?

Baroan:  In the case of tightening security due to data breaches and ransomware, I think that ultimately this was going to happen – there was no avoiding this. We constantly go into new clients and see their networks and infrastructure are setup with no standards. They are not following best practices and just really vulnerable to attacks. Many companies did not take data security technology all that seriously. Now they are realizing that they have to change. The companies addressing these issues understand what it means to their organization’s growth and sustainability.  The companies that aren’t taking these security threats seriously will be out of business.  Long term, I believe this new world of security threats we live in will force changes that will make the business world better.   

MSPinsights:  What problems is this challenge causing your company?

Baroan:  We have to quickly adapt to the technology.  We are investing a lot of resources to do more (and ongoing) training of our employees and customers on how the new technology out there can help them detect and react to threats.  We are also aggressively testing the newest technology and products on the market, to find the best new solutions for our customers.  Our highest priority is to ensure that we are always offering our clients the best technologies available for their needs.

MSPinsights:  Is this challenge unique to the channel? Why or why not?

Baroan:  I believe this is a global business-wide challenge. Companies from every walk of life MUST be able to keep up with the latest trends and technological evolutions.  That takes real work and is much easier said than done. It takes resources away from other areas of a business entity and managers are challenged daily to make tough decisions that affect their bottom line.  In the Channel, we are making those decisions to be able to successfully support our clients. They have to trust that we make decisions that lead to one result; they can run their business effectively and efficiently. The clients, in turn, have to prove to their clients that they are secure and their information is safe.

MSPinsights:  What are you doing as a leader to overcome the challenge you identified?

Baroan:  As I mentioned previously, we are immersed in the latest developments. We are constantly reviewing the newest solutions on the market, comparing what we have to what is available and testing to see if these solutions are better for our clients. Just as important, we are always learning, talking to other solution providers, and ensuring we’re involved in the industry by going to events to discuss the newest solutions.

MSPinsights:  What advice would you offer to other channel executives who are dealing with this same challenge?

Baroan:  Dedicate time daily to read. Learn what’s new out there, and what’s working. Get involved with channel organizations.  Share what is working for you with other technology partners. Discuss what they are doing that is working for them. Go to the trade shows for a specific need or market. Get all the knowledge you can and do not rest on your laurels. We are in an industry that is constantly evolving – be a part of that evolution, don’t watch it go by.


Guy Baroan graduated from William Paterson University in 1993 with a business degree. In 1992, Guy installed and was managing his first server and network while holding down a full time job to work his way through college. In 1997, combining his business degree and computer skills, Guy founded what would become Baroan Technologies. Guy's main role in the company is Senior Solutions Engineer. Guy keeps Baroan Technologies on the cutting edge with technology by participating on advisory boards, a national council, and regularly attends industry leading forums hosted by all of the major technology companies.