News | June 20, 2022

NYNJA Introduces Cloud Recording And Multi-Stream Capabilities To Serve The Creator Economy

Functionality Enables Creators and Influencers to Record, Store, Distribute, and Monetize Archived and Live Content

Nynja Technologies, the leading provider of Workstream Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce, today launched its Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming solution, empowering content creators to record, store, and distribute material through a wide range of social media channels. In addition, the solution will incorporate an upcoming Content Monetization Module that enables creators to charge for content and events. The Content Monetization Module will be available to Nynja subscribers in the near future.

The Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming feature allows content creators to record and store an unlimited number of sessions and events in a completely private and secure space. The recordings can be easily shared peer-to-peer and in public or private groups. Content can also be distributed through a wide range of social media and other applications, or livestreamed to YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social application with RTMP streaming support.

Access to Nynja’s Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming services require a paid subscription plan. Streaming is charged on a per-use basis, dependent upon the channels required and bandwidth used. Select content creators can trial the Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming module by visiting and requesting early access.

“The release of the Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming feature demonstrates the unique flexibility of the Nynja platform,” said Salvatore “JR” Guerrieri, the company’s chief executive officer. “It has a compelling feature set that makes it an ideal solution not only for the legions of content creators in the marketplace, but also the growing number of contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and entrepreneurs that require a wide array of features to succeed in the new economy.”

Nynja provides innovative technology that is designed to address the unique needs of the modern workforce, which encompasses workgroups, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and remote-based personnel. The platform integrates a comprehensive range of capabilities such as conferencing, meetings, threaded messaging, encrypted chat, streaming, and file sharing, as well as scheduling, smart contracts, and transactions. The Recording and Multi-Streaming solution enables the creator economy to connect, interact, and monetize content in a secure and efficient manner.

“The Cloud Recording and Multi-Streaming service is a very unique feature that should empower artists, journalists, influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs to better manage the process of creating and distributing content,” said David Mario Smith, founder and principal analyst for market research firm Inflow Analysis. “This is a market that is rapidly growing, and Nynja should be commended for creating a solution that will enable creators to streamline processes and expand their audiences.”

Nynja’s platform is ideal for solopreneurs, legal and healthcare industries, SME, and corporate enterprises. Its cloud architecture is completely hosted on servers based in the United States, and is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Nynja services can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices, and web browsers.

About Nynja
Nynja is the leading provider of Integrated Workstream Collaboration services, offering a comprehensive solution that combines conferencing, messaging, chat, live streaming, secure file sharing, workforce management, and transactions. Its mobile-first design provides effortless and secure collaboration features that meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, SMBs, enterprises, and other organizations that rely on the modern workforce. Nynja is available for iOS, Android, and desktop environments. For more information, visit

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