News | July 15, 2020

NinjaRMM Launches New Partner Program, Equips Technology Resellers With Industry-Leading Endpoint Management Solution

Unveiling its new value-added partner program, NinjaRMM pursues a channel-focused growth strategy.

Today, NinjaRMM, the modern cloud-based endpoint management solution for managed service providers and IT professionals, unveiled a new partner program specifically for reseller partners. Resellers that partner with NinjaRMM will gain access to marketing and sales support, including co-branded marketing materials, campaign support, one-on-one sales support and product demo support, in addition to industry-leading margins and account protection. To become a partner, reach out to our team at

NinjaRMM’s cloud-based platform is an industry-agnostic solution to help MSPs and IT professionals monitor, alert, remediate, connect, patch and secure all devices within an organization. In addition, NinjaRMM’s security practices allow its solution to service even highly-regulated industries like healthcare or finance. The company collectively services more than 4,000 managed service providers, SMBs and mid-market companies across every industry globally.

“We’re immensely proud of and humbled by the relationship we’ve built with our MSP partners,” NinjaRMM CEO Sal Sferlazza said. “This program represents the convergence of the VAR and MSP channels. We’ve already seen success with the pilot program among our existing MSP customers as well as a multitude of resellers. Over the years, NinjaRMM has attracted interest from larger businesses and that has pulled us into significant deployments, some with more than 20,000 endpoints each. We believe this is a trend that will only continue. With this partner program, we’re taking a channel-first approach to expand our footprint.”

With more employees working from home because of COVID-19, IT professionals are turning to their MSPs or resellers for an endpoint management solution to efficiently manage and secure remote employees. Resellers that partner with NinjaRMM will be provided extensive product education as well as their own demo environments and NFR keys to perfect their understanding of the product. Armed with the knowledge and tools, NinjaRMM’s reseller partners have an enormous opportunity to reach new markets and grow their businesses.

“While most companies already had remote access capabilities in place, the sheer number of employees using these services today is unprecedented”, said Jamie Ellison, VP of Strategy at SRN Inc., an early NinjaRMM reseller partner. “NinjaRMM provides robust monitoring and management capabilities from a single platform. It’s specifically designed for ease of use, quick deployment, and complete integration. This value extends beyond the IT teams of our clients and enhances our own engineering team’s ability to deliver comprehensive managed services.”

Reseller Partner Tiers
The NinjaRMM Partner Program has two tiers: Red Belt and Black Belt. Early partners that sign up in the first year will be automatically enrolled at the Black Belt level, the highest tier. At this level, partners will receive all of the benefits previously mentioned and many more, including the highest level of margins, leads from NinjaRMM, and a dedicated account manager. All partners will receive access to co-branded marketing materials and marketing support through NinjaRMM.

NinjaRMM’s Channel Commitment
NinjaRMM has always been a channel-centric company that seeks to empower MSPs and IT professionals to be the best at what they do. As the company continues to grow and reach further up-market, NinjaRMM’s Partner Program represents a channel-friendly strategy that respects the MSP partners at the heart of the company.

"C1st’s mission has and always will be to put our customers first. Partnering with an excellent organization in NinjaRMM has been crucial to our success,” said Kent Fagan, Director of Business Development at C1st Technologies, an early NinjaRMM reseller partner. “Our clients love NinjaRMM’s solution because it allows them to consolidate remote monitoring and management tools into an easy to manage, value-oriented solution that blows the competition out of the water."

NinjaRMM’s platform has continued to add features and functionality at a rapid pace. In the first half of this year, the company has released two major platform updates - NinjaRMM 4.5 and 4.6 - and has achieved a milestone of more than 1 million endpoints managed across its platform. The company plans to release a third major platform release in the next quarter, which will introduce even more best-in-class features, including support for Linux.

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Source: NinjaRMM