White Paper

MSP Guide To Vertical Market Success: Spotlight On Education

Source: Avast Business
Technology-Enhanced University Education: How IT Solutions Providers Can Make Their Mark

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that specialize in vertical markets offer an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the systems and processes for each type of business or organization. With solid expertise gained in a vertical sector, MSPs can differentiate from the competition as market experts who can provide clients the guidance and solutions that align to their specific industry needs.

Several factors are important to consider when evaluating and choosing a vertical market – these include evaluating the growth and revenue potential, whether there is alignment with your own interests and business goals, and if the vertical is a good fit with your current client mix and services portfolio.

In this white paper, we will explain the benefits of focusing on the education industry and why this sector represents an important market for IT products and services. You will learn about the technology and security needs of educational organizations, how to successfully approach this market and how to add value.