E-Book | August 5, 2019

Managed IT & Cyber Security For MSPs

Source: MSP Insights

Sage advice and dire warnings about the MSP's IT security opportunity

Managed security has quickly evolved from a subset of managed IT service offerings to an industry unto itself. Several successful MSPs have gone so far as to rebrand their companies to convey a security-first, managed IT-second offering. What’s the right approach for your MSP in this hyper-security-aware business environment? To help you answer that question, we’ve compiled an ebook on the security play in IT services, authored by some of the industry’s most respected managed services leaders and consultants.

Topics covered include:

  • How to package and price security services
  • Which verticals are in the most dire need for IT and cyber security
  • Why ransomware is a threat to your client and an opportunity for you
  • Why your managed services business is high on the hackers’ hit list and what to do about it

And a whole lot more. We’re sure you’ll find this resource instructive.