News | October 3, 2018

IT Glue Q3 Product Update

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Last month, IT Glue held its first-ever user conference, GlueCon, in Phoenix, Arizona. As part of this conference, VP Product Luis Giraldo introduced a number of new features designed to improve productivity and efficiency of managed service providers everywhere. There’s a lot of unpack, so let’s get right to it.

Office 365 Integration

Integration with Office 365 was announced. Available immediately will be the ability to sync a wide range of tenant info from Office 365 into IT Glue. This has obvious time savings benefits since you’ll no longer have to enter that information manually.


Another highly requested feature announced was Flags – Documents. Starting with the Document asset type, you’ll be able to create flags and apply them to Documents within IT Glue. Obvious use cases are to flag documentation that is incomplete, or needs approval, but this feature is open-ended so you can customize the flags however you want. Flags will be integrated with the Workflows feature, so that your team can be alerted when a document is flagged, creating a greater sense of transparency and accountability.


The GlueFiles feature has a couple of different components. The first one, available immediately, is the ability to preview document attachments. You no longer need to open a document to see what’s inside – especially handy if you don’t have the software needed to open the file. The second part of GlueFiles is document import into list view. This feature removes the friction of having to create a new IT Glue document to import Word, Visio or other supported file types – you simply import directly into the appropriate organization or folder.


Three new integrations were announced. Meraki and Auvik are two that were requested by a lot of partners. Meraki’s monitoring feature is quite popular with our partners, so we prioritized building that integration. Integration with Auvik’s network monitoring tool is almost ready, so you’ll probably see an update on that soon.

We also built an integration with endpoint management tool Syncro.

IT Glue Academy

That’s right, we’re officially launching the IT Glue Academy,  equipped with self-guided courses and exams where you can learn about documentation best practices, and how to use IT Glue to its fullest potential. The initial launch features four courses, but more are on their way. You will also have the ability to become an IT Glue Certified Professional.

It’s been a busy summer for our developers to get these different features together – we know you’re going to love them.